Fengshui Unit Review: BTO Woodleigh Hillside in Bidadari


Source: My Nice Home by HDB

Published: 20 June 2023



Built upon the land of a former cemetery, the long-awaited Build-to-Order (BTO) projects in the Woodleigh district were finally completed earlier this year. As of Apr 30 2023, more than 90% homebuyers in this new Bidadari estate have collected the keys to their home. 

Ever wondered if home fengshui will be affected if you are staying near a cemetery or if your home is built on a former burial site? In this article, we will explore that as we take an in-depth fengshui review on Woodleigh Hillside. Read on!


Woodleigh Hillside: Landform fengshui

Located at Bidadari Park Drive, Woodleigh Hillside is one of the upcoming BTO housing developments in the Bidadari estate. It sits on the Eastern Dragon, representative of the Wood element. It seems fitting that the garden estate is built with the vision of “A Community in a Garden” where there would be much greenery.

From a fengshui perspective, Woodleigh Hillside is part of the “Transporting Cart of Gold and Jade” formation. This is a propitious land that is suitable for industries such as commerce, finance, accounting, investments, etc. To improve or retain wealth luck, those who are living or doing businesses here are recommended to conduct renovation or a revamp from time to time.




Internal fengshui considerations


When it comes to choosing an ideal unit, keep in mind that the main orientation of a house will directly influence the overall luck of its residents. The house orientation refers to the facing of your house, which can be measured from the main entrance where qi flows in.

Woodleigh Hillside provides 1,355 residential units across 13 blocks with the tallest at 16-storey. There are 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, and 3Gen flats. Based on fengshui analysis, North and South are the most auspicious directions in the upcoming Periods 9 and 1 (years 2024 – 2063), and Northwest and Southeast are the second most auspicious directions.

Credits: BTO HQ


Hence, it is recommended to choose a unit that faces either of these directions or lies at the border of these directions to tap on the positive energies. Many units at this new BTO development face the above mentioned auspicious directions. Nevertheless, some units lie at the border of North and Northeast or South and Southwest.

Homeowners of Woodleigh Hillside should note that Northeast & Southwest are not favourable directions for Period 9 (2024 -2043), hence you may want to consult a professional fengshui practitioner should your unit is facing a less favourable direction. The following list shows the blocks and units with favourable home orientation for  your reference:

North facing units

Block 212A – 509, 511, 513

Block 212B – 519, 521, 523, 525

Block 215B – 687, 689

South facing units

Block 212A – 515

Block 212B – 517, 527

Block 215A – 665, 667

Block 215C – 695, 697

South/Southeast facing units

Block 214B – 641, 643

Block 214C – 653, 655

Southeast facing units

Block 213A – 583, 585

Block 213C – 609, 611, 613, 615

Block 214A – 629, 631

Block 215B – 691, 693

Northwest facing units

Block 213A – 579, 581

Block 215C – 699, 701

South/Southwest facing units

Block 212C – 537, 547

Block 213A: Stack 573, 575

Block 213B – 589, 591, 593, 595

North/Northeast facing units

Block 212C – 539, 541, 543, 545

Note that there is no fixed lucky direction that caters to everyone. It can be a daunting task to select and establish a home of your own. When in doubt, you may like to leave it to the professionals. Way Fengshui provides end-to-end fengshui services from selecting an ideal unit to helping you create a harmonious environment in your new home.

Exterior fengshui considerations

As one’s external environment accounts for more than interior considerations, it is important to consider features of the surrounding space when selecting a new home.

As its namesake implies, Woodleigh Hillside is surrounded by greenery and located next to a hill park, spelling a tranquil and relaxing environment – much favoured in fengshui terms. If you have chosen a higher floor unit to enjoy unblocked park views, that’s great because there’s also a lesser probability of encountering certain fengshui conflicts. Nevertheless, there may be challenges to accumulating auspicious energies. 

On the other hand, homeowners should keep in mind that plants can introduce unwanted pests into our homes if they are too close to entrances. While plants symbolise vitality and growth, trees can deflect incoming auspicious energies, so take note if your unit is close to trees and plants. 

Within Woodleigh Hillside, some units are located next or facing the lift. Units that are located in close proximity to the lift may encounter unstable magnetic field at home, and this could lead to household disharmony and health issues. Do practise greater awareness, and consider displaying a Petrified Wood emblem  in your living room.

Also, some units in this new BTO estate are facing each other. In the fengshui context, this will be unfavourable for both households as there are direct conflicting energy. To improve the situation, homeowners can consider placing a round light in between the two doors, or to hang a Liuli pendant  at the top of your door frame.

Traffic noises from the busy Bartley road as well as ongoing construction in the developing Bidadari estate indicate noise pollution that may affect residents’ living quality. Sound insulation could be an option to reduce noise disturbances from the external environment. 

For those who are wondering if it is taboo to be staying at a land that was once a cemetery, let’s take the bustling town of Bishan and our most popular shopping belt, Orchard Road, as examples. These two sites are built on land that were used for cemeteries. Traditionally, the Chinese attach great importance to filial piety and respect for elders, and this is embodied in descendants’ eagerness to find a location with great feng shui that would allow their ancestors to rest in peace. 

Hence, lands that used to be burial plots (in the earlier days of Singapore) tend to have outstanding feng shui, evident in the two examples we quoted. Nevertheless, all graves must be cleanly exhumed and the land must be left undisturbed for at least 10 years before being redeveloped – which is not an issue for those living or plan to live in the new Bidadari estate.

Did you know?

There’s a correlation between your wealth position and your shoe shelf. There is heavy Sha (煞气) aka negative energies where the shoe shelf is located. Hence, your wealth luck will be affected if your shoe shelf directly faces your wealth position. 

The wealth position refers to a place where wealth accumulates. Hence, the space surrounding your wealth position must be kept clean and tidy. There should not be clutter, electrical appliances or sharp objects around or at your wealth position.

Some people unknowingly positioned their shoe shelf at their wealth position. When this happens, their wealth is likely to disperse and one may find that it is difficult to accumulate wealth. Should this happen, it is best to shift the shoe shelf or avoid placing shoes within the rack. 

Curious to learn where your wealth position is located? Read this.

How to improve your home fengshui?

As with most things in life, getting it right from the start will save you lots of effort. More than just the correct placement of furniture or avoiding certain colours, home fengshui looks into compatibility amongst the homeowners and your living spaces. 

While Woodleigh Hillside’s convenient location and tranquil environment are favoured by homeowners, there are fengshui considerations not to be overlooked. Residential fengshui consultation explores the internal and external environments of your unit, and analyses home sectors that have direct influence on your household health, wealth, relationships, etc. Integrating unique fengshui formations to complement each premises, 

Way Fengshui Consultancy can aid home occupants to create the perfect harmonious and comfortable living environment. Our residential fengshui consultation services include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Relationships and health
  • Career and wealth opportunities
  • Wealth position of your house
  • Wen Chang position (for academic considerations)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement
  • Lucky colours and unlucky colours
  • Auspicious dates to renovate and shift premises

Keen to improve your home fengshui? Check out our residential fengshui services now!



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