Right place, Right people, Right time

We define fengshui as the study of an individual and his relationship to his environment, hence: Tian Di Ren.
Our destiny is born with us. We cannot change our qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, but we can design spaces, plan environments, and select the best dates that work with them. Working with our nature “not against” brings out our very best.

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Client Testimonials

Mr David Yang – Altitude Alliance

Commercial Fengshui

Effective, proactive, and systematic. Way Fengshui can be summed up in one word: professional.

As a businessman with multiple things to focus on, the master and consultants patiently explaining the necessary details is very much appreciated. I know that I am in good hands.

Mrs Louisa Yue and Dr Yue Weng Cheu

Home Fengshui

My parents passed on their confidence in Way Fengshui’s services to me. The elements the team suggested work harmoniously with our interior and are suitable for our modern lifestyle. We will definitely consult Way Fengshui again.

Geraldine Goh


In private banking investment, besides expertise and knowledge, we need luck. Way Fengshui enables me to plan long-term strategies in my career, advice I have found to be practical and beneficial to me.