2024 Auspicious Dates for Spring Cleaning

2019 Spring Cleaning Date

Spring cleaning is done to usher in a fresh start to the Lunar New Year. It is regarded as a major practice as it symbolises getting rid of the old and welcoming the new for a smooth-sailing year ahead. Although people tend to lead busy lifestyles in the modern age, many still carry out spring cleaning before the Lunar New Year.

From cleaning the surroundings to washing various appliances, disassembling and washing curtains and bedding, wiping windows and washing the floor, and dusting, every family will clean their homes to welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

As the Chinese characters “chen” [尘 ] and “chen” [陈] – meaning ‘dust’ and ‘old’ respectively – are homophonic, the act of removing dust is seen as a willingness to remove the old. Ancient records also revealed the practice of year-end spring cleaning. From a scientific point of view, maintaining household hygiene can keep your family in the pink of health.

It is deemed inauspicious for spring cleaning to be carried out during the first to fifth day of the first lunar month. Remember to select an auspicious date for spring cleaning to ensure smooth-sailing progress. Check out the following dates to get started!