All You Need To Know About Your Yearly Zodiac & Fengshui Forecast

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Published: 12 Dec 2023

Wondering if the upcoming Year of the Dragon in 2024 will be your huat huat year? Before you go about your usual way of reading your yearly zodiac forecast with a pinch of salt, it is time to take your zodiac reading and fengshui tips to the next level!

With the right knowledge and tools, you can get a clearer view for 2024 and become the fengshui master of your life to better plan for your future and be prepared for upcoming challenges. To kickstart your new year, here are some important facts you should know about your yearly zodiac and fengshui forecast.


The Chinese zodiac has existed since the Qin Dynasty 

Dating back more than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese zodiac system has existed since the Qin Dynasty. While there have been many debates by scholars and historians on the origins of the Chinese zodiac (also known as Sheng Xiao), the repeating 12-year cycle where each year is represented by an animal and its characteristics is followed closely by many who determine their Chinese zodiac sign based on the year that they are born.


The truth is… you ‘have’ more than 1 zodiac sign! 

Did you think that your yearly luck is based on your year’s Zodiac? That’s not wrong, but it does not present the full picture, as your year of birth is just one out of four pillars of your Bazi chart aka Birth Chart (See below example). That may explain why some of your yearly zodiac forecasts don’t always come true!



A Bazi chart (sometimes known as the Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny) typically lays out the date and time of birth under four pillars (as shown above), namely the ‘year pillar’, ‘month pillar’, ‘day pillar’ and ‘hour pillar’, which corresponds to four zodiac signs respectively.


That’s right, there are actually four zodiac signs in your Bazi! 

The location of each zodiac at different positions in your Bazi represents different aspects such as Wealth, Career, Relationship, Learning and Health. Hence, if you wish to have a more accurate interpretation of your personality, potential and destiny for the new year in 2024, don’t only read your yearly forecast based on your birth year.

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Fengshui and Zodiac goes hand in hand

Although destiny is predetermined, you can improve your life with the aid of fengshui. Each year, countless individuals remain particularly concerned with their luck cycle but they tend to overlook the importance of fengshui.

Well, time dictates destiny, which is born with us. While you cannot change your qualities, strengths, and weaknesses, you can choose spaces and environments, and select the best dates that work with you. You can unleash your greatest potential by working with your nature. That’s where fengshui comes into place but you should also know that …


Yearly Fengshui and Period Fengshui are different



Long-term strategies and short-term plans complement and support each other, just like how Period fengshui (20 years) and Yearly fengshui (1 year) can be applied to improve all aspects of your life.

2024 marks the start of Period 9 which will begin on Lichun [立春], 4th February 2024 at 16:37 hours. This new fengshui period will last for 20 years to 4th February 2044. This also means potential opportunities for those who make the corresponding fengshui adjustments to Period 9.

Period fengshui can provide the foundation to good energy, which explains the importance of selecting an ideal residence or office space right from the beginning. With a good foundation, you can then look into maintenance with yearly fengshui.



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