All About Babies Born In 6th Jan – 3rd Feb 2024


Published: 28 Dec 2023

Babies born between 6 January and 3 February 2024 are honourable individuals who possess courage, determination and good judgement. They have a reformative spirit and can weather difficulties to create breakthroughs and new opportunities.


Bold and decisive, babies born during this period like to help those at a disadvantage. However, their competitive streak may cause them to be too aggressive at times, which may lead them to provoke resentment and make enemies. Consider engaging your child in a suitable sport to expend their excessive energy and cultivate patience at the same time.


Suitable Career Choices

Babies born this month will grow to excel in the following fields:

  • Judge
  • Scientist
  • Soldier
  • Business development
  • Surgeon



In terms of health, pay attention to your child’s respiratory system, as well as the gastrointestinal and digestive systems.


Fengshui Tips

  • Preferred Five Elements (Suitable strokes):  Metal, Fire
  • Lucky Directions: West, South
  • Lucky Colours: White, Gold, Red, Orange


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