Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 6th Jan – 3rd Feb 2024

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Published: 28 Dec 2023

Things will progress smoothly this month. Be sure to seize opportunities and not let them slip due to indecisiveness. With the global economy’s outstanding performance, rewards are in sight. However, you must learn to let go when necessary, or you may suffer unnecessary losses. Australia and New Zealand are especially prone to natural disasters this month, so be careful if you plan to go there for your vacation.



You will finally reap the rewards of your hard work this year, with a promotion and salary increment in sight. Stay humble and strive on! Singles can meet potential partners by joining more networking events. Pay attention to your health, and avoid staying up late to prevent liver-related problems.



With your efficiency, you set a good example for others. Stay focused when handling work matters. Making hasty decisions when upset will lead to company losses. Take more outdoor walks to clear your mind and improve your mood. This can help you to work better too.



A rare entrepreneurial opportunity seems like a dream come true. Stay calm and carefully analyse the business’s potential growth before making a decision. Avoid signing a contract hastily in a moment of greed, otherwise you may incur losses due to disputes.



In this busy year, you are blessed with support from many benefactors. It’s time to express your gratitude. Look after your valuables during your overseas vacation to avoid money losses or injuries. Be proactive in helping others and sharing joy, and you will be doubly rewarded.



You are well-liked and have a good reputation at work. Stay mindful of your words and actions, even when interacting with long-time colleagues. Do not gossip or talk behind others’ backs. Being kind in your words and actions shall bring you good fortune.



Aided by benefactors, you are likely to be promoted with a salary increment, and may even get a substantial year-end bonus. To further enhance your luck, do more good deeds to help those in need. You should also reward your teammates for their hard work.



You have many suitors. If you enter a relationship, be open about your status to avoid ambiguity or unnecessary misunderstandings. As you dine outdoors frequently, your intake of vegetables and fruits tends to be insufficient, which may lead to digestive problems. Try to keep a lighter diet.



Someone in the company is sowing discord and hindering your work. You have nothing to fear as you are always professional at work. The problem will blow over soon. Instead of clinging to unrealistic plans, try to enrich yourself and prepare for the new year.



You will meet someone who will thank you for returning their lost item. Your kindness will bring you good luck and all things will go smoothly. Talk about your grievances with the other party to resolve them. To live freely, you must learn to accept and let go.



You have many things on your plate. To make life easier, identify what really matters and learn to let go of the rest. Things may progress slowly, but your efforts will be rewarded in due time. Start planning for your new goals to get a headstart in the coming year.



Managing your finances is as important as earning money. Don’t invest blindly, or you may lose your hard-earned money. Be careful of your words in order to avoid offending your elders. As the new year approaches, express your gratitude to those who have helped you in the past.



You are extremely busy at work with a long to-do list. Overworking may cause you to fall ill. Drink more water and have sufficient rest. Learn earnestly and seek advice from experienced people when in an unfamiliar field of work. This will aid you in your career progress.


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