Things to know about Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun) in Fengshui (风水)


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The Chinese saying “天时地利人和” refers to the alignment of the right time, right place and right people. In fengshui (风水) , time plays an important role, categorised by fengshui cycles and periods. At present, we are in the midst of transiting from Period 8 to Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun). What do we mean by period in fengshui? How does this affect our home fengshui and the various aspects of our lives? Read on to find out!

What is the “Period” in fengshui?

In ancient China, where fengshui originated, Chinese sages spent hundreds of years studying the movement of planetary stars, and how the changing positions affect the energies of our space, i.e. homes, offices, buildings, etc. This led to a multi-planetary calendar system known as the Chinese lunisolar calendar, sometimes called the Farmer’s Calendar. This calendar became an important point of reference for fengshui.

In classical fengshui, the “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” [三元九运 ] spans over 180 years. The Three Cycles refer to the Upper, Middle and Lower Cycle, where each cycle consists of three fengshui periods. There are nine periods in total, which corresponds with the 9-grid Flying Stars Chart. Each fengshui period lasts 20 years, and is under the influence of a Star.

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Which Period are we in?

At present, we are nearing the end of Period 8 in fengshui. This refers to the years 2004 to 2023. Period 8 is represented by the Gen [] trigram of the Earth element. Associated with mountain and young men, this fengshui period reflects an unusual rise of young male entrepreneurs that rise to stardom. Businesses associated with teenagers and young adults are also more successful. 

With the strong Earth element, it’s no wonder that land and property prices are increasing around the world like never before. In fact, those in construction are striving in the current period! This is just an aspect of how understanding fengshui can bring about good opportunities. 

For those who missed the opportunities in Period 8, here’s a piece of good news: a transition to a new Period entails a change in energy in various sectors, which could affect important aspects of our lives such as our health, family harmony, career, wealth, etc. 

Period 9, which starts from 2024 to 2043, is fast approaching and now is the time to get prepared so we can make the most of fengshui to our advantage. It is crucial to review and make the necessary adjustment to fengshui arrangement. Note that what used to work may no longer be effective, i.e. fengshui emblems designed for Period 8, the positioning of certain furniture, etc. 

Before you start rearranging your furniture or throwing things out, here’s what you need to know about Period 9.

Things to know about Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun)

Period 9 will begin on Lichun [立春] in 2024, which falls on 4th February 2024 at 16:37 hours. This new fengshui period will last for 20 years to 4th February 2044.

The rise of women, innovation and new media

Each period is associated with a specific trigram and under the influence of a Star. Period 9 corresponds with the Li [离] trigram of the Fire element, and under the influence of the Nine Purple Star. This suggests a rise in fame, innovation, power, middle-aged women, technology, new media, businesses, etc. 

The fire element is commonly seen as a symbol of love, desire, anger, strength, assertiveness, light, and energy, yet one needs to be careful in order to avoid getting burnt or hurt. With Period 9 being strongly influenced by the Fire element, you can expect growing attention in cryptocurrency and the metaverse that reflect the essence of the Li trigram (denoting separation or a hollow state) yet caution must be exercised.

Digital disruptions and unstable income

Like Period 8, Period 9 is influenced by a wealth star, indicating growing fortune and propitiousness. However, the Fire element influencing Period 9 is not as stable as the Earth element in Period 8. As the ‘industrial revolution’ era shifts towards modern technology and digitalisation, traditional jobs will be replaced by automation, AI and robotics. This means a need to upskill and consider having multiple streams of income to ensure more stable wealth. 

Businesses should also take note of the interests and motivations of Gen Z and the millennials, where there’s a continual shift towards empowerment and purpose, more so than the blind pursuit for wealth and profits. Industries related to technology applications, robotics, blood and cardiovascular health, beauty, education, etc. shall thrive.

North and South are the best directions in Period 9

As we transit from Period 8 to Period 9, the positive energies of Northeast and Southwest have started to recede. North and South are the best directions in Period 9. Interestingly, these two directions will be under the influence of the auspicious Eight White and Nine Purple stars in 2023 – just a year ahead of the start of Period 9. 

If your home faces North or South, you should seriously consider conducting renovation in 2023. Doing so shall help you and your household members to grasp opportunities as well as create wealth. As the saying goes, “well begun is half done” so why wait? To maintain good home fengshui, remember to keep your home clean, tidy and well-ventilated.

You can also consider displaying Majestic Phoenix at home to aid in enhancing concentration so you can stay focused to grasp opportunities. This newly designed fengshui emblem for Period 9 features Fire and Metal elements that denote strength, grace and penchant for change. Learn more

Pay heed to mental health, heart diseases and cancer

Health equals wealth. In the age of advancing technology, the Li trigram representing Period 9 indicates separation or rather disconnection even as technology allows people to be connected beyond time and distance. This will create greater stress among people and the psychological impacts will continue to grow. As such, more attention should be placed on mental health in addition to physical wellness. 

Besides that, natural energies (electromagnetism, radio waves, etc.) can be a trigger for many diseases, producing an effect in reducing the immune system’s ability to fight disease. Be mindful of the usage of tech devices that can affect your eyes, brain, heart and blood, etc. in the long run. Cancer – the number 1 killer in Singapore and many countries – will continue to affect more people if you don’t start being more mindful of your daily habits. 

Improve your home fengshui today for a better tomorrow

Everyone wants to lead a better life. Fengshui, when applied properly, can have a positive impact on one’s health, wealth, career, relationships, growth etc. If Period 8 has not been that good for you, here’s the chance for you to improve and thrive in Period 9. 

Period Fengshui can provide the foundation for good energy, which explains the importance of selecting an ideal residence or office space right from the beginning.  With a good foundation, you can then look into maintenance with yearly fengshui

Check out our to-do list for Period 9 and Fengshui your way to good luck and prosperity for the next 20 years ahead!