Auspicious Tips About Praying to Grand Duke in 2024 (太岁)

Credits: pexels.

Published: 16 Nov 2023

Since young, we’ve been taught not to beard a lion in its den – or in the words of a Chinese idiom, “to move soil on top of the Grand Duke’s head” (太岁头上动土). However, just who is this Grand Duke we are talking about?

As it turns out, the Grand Duke is a position being rotated yearly amongst 60 divinities. The Grand Duke has command over all other deities except the Jade Emperor, granting him immense authority and power. Few will dare challenge the authority of the Grand Duke, in fear of adversity. For the Year of The Wood Dragon, the Grand Duke in the office is called Li Cheng (李诚).

What does “clashing with the Grand Duke (太岁) ” mean?

In the year of the Wood Dragon, people who are of the Dragon Zodiac sign inadvertently end up clashing with the Grand Duke. However, that’s not all.  Those of the Dog Zodiac sign will also clash with the Grand Duke due to the Sui Po Disaster Star, which occupies the position opposite the Grand Duke.

This year, the Grand Duke resides in the Southeast, while the Sui Po Disaster Star occupies the Northwest. Generally speaking, inactivity should be observed at these two locations, and noisy activities like renovations and groundbreaking ceremonies should be avoided.

Why do we have to keep the effects of the Grand Duke (太岁) in check?  

When enraged, the Grand Duke is notorious for causing accidents and obstacles in one’s life. As such, you may want to offer your prayers at a temple for the sake of your personal safety. However, you should also take your own Bazi, ” Eight Characters” into consideration before offering your prayers.

When to pray to Grand Duke (太岁)?

Recommended Actions

Those who are of the Rabbit and Rooster signs should consider offering prayers at your religious places of worship for a smooth sailing year ahead.Alternatively, you can also display Guardian General and offer prayers to the Grand Duke at the Chen (Southeast) and Xu (Northwest) bearings of your house.