Way Fengshui’s Zodiac Forecast Chart – 2024 ProsperGraph

Published: 16 Nov 2023

Discover your Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2024 by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.  

The Year of the Wood Dragon can be visualised as a mahjong parlour where competitive gamers gather to show their  talents and strategise to be the ultimate winners to enjoy the bliss of victory. With strong Wood and Earth elements ruled by the Three Jade Star, this year promises abundant opportunities and strong growth. Yet, sudden changes in relationships with others may turn the tide. So, don’t be wilful. Learn to play by ear and protect your own interests. Stay prepared for opportunities and make the right decisions.


Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Horse, Monkey, Dragon and Dog

Those born in the year of the Horse, Monkey, Dragon and Dog will experience less-than-ideal luck and feel vexed due to problems  brought about by schemers. You may encounter difficulties or suffer financial losses. This year, be better prepared by learning new skills or building your network. Also, stay alert and form alliances with reliable partners so that you can work together to overcome challenges. 

Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Rat, Rooster, Tiger and Rabbit

Those born in the year of the Rat, Rooster, Tiger and Rabbit will enjoy relatively stable luck with plentiful opportunities and rewards. However, you may get exhausted due to your busy schedule. Pay more attention to your health and emotions. You can stay positive and build good interpersonal relationships by interacting with family and friends. Prioritise your time and energy on those that matter most. To achieve greater achievements, keep exploring your potential for growth and breakthroughs. 

Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Pig, Ox, Snake and Goat

Those born in the year of the Pig, Ox, Snake and Goat enjoy great luck and prosperity this year. You shall excel in your career and life with timely support from benefactors. Keep working hard to improve your capabilities for greater competitiveness. Be discerning and avoid being too trusting to prevent being used by schemers. Continue to maintain good interpersonal relationships. A reliable social network will bring you more opportunities. 

This year calls for you to be resourceful and adaptable. Just like in a game of mahjong, stay calm and be observant in order to identify opportunities and play your cards right. Be patient and flexible to deal with different situations. Remember, success requires wits and courage. To achieve victory, you must set clear goals and work towards them steadily. 

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