Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 8th Sept – 7th Oct 2023


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Published: 29 Aug 2023


Although this is a good month for marriage, it is still best to choose an auspicious date to do so. Harmony begets wealth. Avoid getting into arguments and let things go when necessary. Southeast Asia should guard against earthquakes and other natural disasters this month.


Take the initiative if you meet someone you like. Your courage may lead you into a new relationship. As your career takes off, remember to show your gratitude and reward your colleagues for their efforts. This can boost everyone’s morale and ensure smoother collaborations in the future.


A long-term investment plan can aid your future development amidst improving wealth luck. Consult experienced professionals for risk assessments before making any decision. If there is a good opportunity for property investment, you may proceed after doing thorough research.


You may feel lost about the future due to obstacles at work. Organise your thoughts and adjust your mentality in order to progress further. Consider seeking advice from experienced colleagues to resolve the issues. This is a great learning opportunity that will benefit you in the long run.


Avoid shifting premises or making major changes this month, or there may be accidents. Refrain from overseas travel or risky activities too. To enhance your fortune, maintain a balanced diet, keep yourself happy, and have sufficient sleep. All problems can be resolved with wisdom.


Your hard work is recognised by everyone, indicating a promotion and salary increment in time to come. With help from benefactors, you may get an overseas opportunity to further your studies, invest or set up a company. Proceed boldly after careful consideration. You can achieve
success with perseverance.


You can gain fresh perspectives when you travel in a foreign land and interact with people from all walks of life. Besides gaining knowledge, you will get many new ideas that you can apply in your studies or career. Pay attention to your safety when outdoors.


Pay extra attention to safety when you are travelling with your family. You should check the weather forecast before heading outdoors, especially if you are going to a mountainous area. As mooncakes have high calories, do eat them in moderation to maintain your weight and health.


You have neglected your loved ones over the past months as you put in long hours at work. It’s time to show them you care through acts of love such as cooking, preparing thoughtful gifts, or planning a family vacation. Doing so can also maintain your family harmony.


There are many benefactors around you. Observe closely, and you will identify helpful people who can bring you joy. Join more networking and business events to expand your network and elevate your career. It is best to avoid crowded places during the festive season.


Stay down-to-earth and do things systematically to complete your work. Do not covet benefits from unknown sources. Amidst poor wealth luck, you should reduce unnecessary expenses and save more. Avoid partaking in high-risk outdoor activities, or you may easily get injured.


It’s common to encounter challenges when pursuing your dreams. All you need to do is ask, and benefactors will lend a helping hand. Consider organising a gathering with loved ones during the festive season. Take safety precautions when heading outdoors.


Frequent mood swings may cause you to speak rashly, making you a target for rumours. Always say what you mean and deliver on your promises, or others may lose trust in you. Pay attention to your health and eat less oily food, as that can easily lead to a sore throat.


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