Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 8th Aug – 7th Sept 2023


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The main theme of August is sharing love. You can spread the kindness to your family and others. A warm smile, or a lending hand can brighten someone’s darkest day. Being surrounded by friends, family, and community can bring comfort and positivity during difficult times.


With the support of lucky stars, businesspeople shall enjoy a prospering business. Investors will also stand to profit. However, you must do your research instead of relying on hearsay. Consider enrolling in short courses or enrichment workshops to make life more fulfilling.


New projects will progress well, hence increasing your chances of a year-end promotion and salary increment. Think carefully before making major decisions to avoid losses. Pay attention to safety and avoid risky activities when overseas. Also, be extra careful when crossing the road.


Pay extra attention to safety and health in this turbulent month. Avoid staying out late, sleep early, and drink more warm water. Be more discerning in the workplace and do not sign documents on others’ behalf in order to avoid trouble.


Work is full of challenges, but you will resolve them with your decisive approach. While working hard is important, you must not neglect your loved ones. Spend quality time with them during the weekends to strengthen your bonds. This month, you should avoid water-related activities.


You can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the challenges you face are resolved with support from benefactors. The person you like is starting to take notice of your charms. Display your positive traits and take the initiative if he or she is a suitable partner.


As things progress smoothly, there will be more chances for collaboration. Seize the opportunity to further develop your career. You should also spend quality time with your loved ones and show your care for them. To maintain family harmony, avoid bringing home any negativity from work.


A higher position comes with greater responsibility and duties. Your to-do list is filled with never-ending tasks, making you irritable. It’s best to manage your time and prioritise important duties. Staying positive can improve your productivity.


You may easily quarrel with your loved ones as things get out of your control and make you Do not stay out late during the 7th lunar month. You should go home early after work. Be careful of oncoming traffic when crossing the road. Before signing any important documents, be sure to ensure the accuracy of all information, or you may fall into the traps of schemers.


Friends often take turns to pick up the tab when dining outdoors. Know your limits and avoid spending lavishly, otherwise you will be wasting food and money. Remember that family harmony begets prosperity. Practise tolerance and avoid saying hurtful words in anger.


Focus on completing your tasks instead of interfering in others’ matters in order to avoid attracting trouble. Do not travel or stay out late during the 7th lunar month and pay attention to safety. Consider taking some supplements to stay in the pink of health.


Amidst flourishing wealth luck, you shall enjoy great returns if you start a business or partnership. Talented and full of aspirations, you can make your dreams come true with concrete actions and determination. Overworking will affect your health. Slow down to deal with challenges more effectively.


See a doctor immediately when unwell, as minor ailments can become serious illnesses. Before investing, be careful and assess any risks thoroughly. Do not be too quick to trust or make hasty decisions. You need to make time and effort in order to strike a balance between work and family.

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