All About Babies Born In 8th Sept – 7th Oct 2023


Published: 29 Aug 2023


Babies born between 8 September and 7 October 2023 have strong comprehension, unconventional thinking and great creativity. Highly observant, they are meticulous in their work and tend to look at things from different perspectives. They do not let their guard down, and they are quick to adapt to changes. Besides having strong learning abilities, they are imaginative and love to research. Thus, they would excel in roles that involve design, creation and business planning.


Babies born this month like to take shortcuts through unconventional methods. However, their bizarre methods are often too profound for people to understand or accept. Let your child interact more with other children from an early age for them to develop a more cheerful personality.


Suitable Career Choices

Babies born this month will grow to excel in the following fields:

  • Strategist
  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Counsellor
  • Social worker



In terms of health, take extra care of your child’s liver, gallbladder and respiratory system.


Fengshui Tips

  • Preferred Five Elements (Suitable strokes): Water, Fire
  • Lucky Directions: North, South
  • Lucky Colours: Blue, Black, Red, Orange


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