Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 8th Oct – 7th Nov 2023


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Published: 2 Oct 2023


Self-control is important even during celebrations, otherwise it may lead to tragic consequences. In this month where accidents are common, never drink and drive when you go to parties. Also, remember to do things in moderation for best results. Europe may experience an influenza outbreak due to the changing weather, so be careful when travelling there.


Staying positive can improve your fortune, help you resolve all challenges, and benefit your health. Beware of potential disputes with colleagues and friends. Try to communicate calmly and strive for harmony. A healthy diet with less oily food is recommended.


Constant challenges at work can be overwhelming. You may feel better if you share your thoughts with your colleagues. However, you must know where to draw the line and avoid complaining too much. When heading outdoors or on excursions, pay attention to safety and watch your step.


Watch your tone and be more patient with your family and partner. Venting your negative emotions on them will only lead to unnecessary disputes. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, so you should go for regular health checks even if you are healthy.


Consult an experienced professional before you decide to proceed with investment plans that you are interested in. You can reap substantial returns under their guidance. Regardless of age, even if you are young, you should eat regular meals and take good care of your health.


Prone to being distracted this month, you may easily lose your valuables or be involved in a phone scam. Beware of strangers and avoid sharing too much personal information on social media. Being opportunistic only brings short-term benefits. Stay down-to-earth and work hard instead of thinking about shortcuts to success.


There are many ways to handle matters. Instead of demanding others to do things your way, you should listen to more opinions before deciding on the best solution. If you have conflicts with your parents, try to share your thoughts and gain their understanding instead of keeping your frustrations to yourself.


Life is smooth-sailing and you are starting to make stable progress in your career. Those who want to have a baby this year can try doing so. You may come across business opportunities when catching up with ex-colleagues or friends whom you have not met in a while.


Unexpected problems occur one after another, causing you to be reprimanded by your boss as the company incurs huge losses. Stay calm and understand the situation. As long as you face the problem boldly and persevere, everything will be resolved eventually.


Highly capable and adept at problem-solving, you can expect a salary increment and a substantial year-end bonus. Singles should join more social activities in order to meet a potential partner. Doing more good deeds can bring you joy and enhance your good fortune.


Life isn’t always smooth sailing. However, you can overcome problems with a positive attitude. Be extra careful when managing finances and investing. Do not invest blindly in high-risk products. You should also avoid crowded areas and take preventive measures to avoid infection.


It’s good to work hard for your career, but do not neglect your family. Set aside time to accompany  them during the weekend. Consider going on excursions or parent-child activities to enhance family bonds. Reduce your consumption of foods that are high in sugar and calories.


Discuss with your colleagues how to resolve the company’s crisis instead of keeping mum about it. Otherwise, work progress may be delayed, leading to monetary losses. When dining out, watch your diet and avoid eating raw and cold food. There is no limit to learning. Read more for self-enrichment.


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