Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 7th Nov – 6th Dec 2022


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This month is ideal for marriage and business collaborations. However, with the Two Black Star overhead, pay attention to the effects of changes in weather on your health.  This month, do not be hasty when it comes to discussions. Make use of good economic performance to engage in collaborations for optimal benefits. Korea, Japan and Canada should guard against natural disasters, and Singapore should ensure a smooth leadership transition.



Rainy days will cause roads to be slippery during this period. Be careful and avoid activities such as hiking and camping. Married couples must practise mutual respect and be understanding to cultivate a good family environment. Do not take your partner for granted and show gratitude and appreciation more often.



This month, you should take on new initiatives or challenges boldly, as it can help your career and studies. Amidst good wealth luck, you can expect returns on investments, but you must know how to quit while you’re ahead. Choose an auspicious date for happy occasions.



You can heave a sigh of relief as everything goes smoothly, be it for career or relationships. Consider organising a family gathering and take the initiative to communicate more with your loved ones. Additionally, you should learn to better manage your finances and avoid going on shopping sprees.



As your good fortune continues, consider attending more social events, as they can be helpful for your career and romance. Singles might be able to make new friends through your colleagues. Those planning to get married should spend more time with your partner to maintain your relationship.



Amidst lacklustre romance luck, singles can consider joining interest-based activities to meet like-minded friends and take it further from there. Married couples will tend to quarrel over trivial matters and may even take it out on their children. Try to stay calm and practise mutual understanding.



While it is good to help friends when they are in need, you must handle your relationship with the opposite gender carefully to avoid gossip that may affect your reputation. It is crucial to have sufficient rest, otherwise you may fall sick easily.



As luck continues to flourish, you can expect good business profits and expansion opportunities into foreign markets. Your income is equivalent to your effort, and you shall enjoy great wealth as you strive on. Nonetheless, you must stay humble and watch your words. Otherwise, you may get framed by unscrupulous people.



Everything will go smoothly this month. You and your partner enjoy a stable relationship and are
at the stage of discussing marriage. You should take the time to evaluate the profitable business
opportunity proposed by your friend. Proceed boldly if suitable and do your best.



Before signing an important contract, you must read carefully instead of just trusting the words
of the other party. This year, there’s a risk of hospitalisation or surgery. Hence, you must be
extra mindful of changes in your body, and reduce consumption of greasy food, especially for people with heart disease.



Do not let others stop you from pursuing your dreams. You should create concrete plans and work hard to achieve them. There will be benefactors to help you along the way. Although your wealth luck is favourable this month, you must not spend lavishly.



Keep a low profile this month. Do not comment on others on online social platforms, as mindless criticism will only lead to disputes. Those who love to exercise must be careful when using gym equipment to avoid getting injured. Manage your finances wisely and reduce unnecessary expenses.



You are prone to quarrels with your family due to mood swings this month. Learn how to control
your emotions. Consider doing yoga or jogging to release any negative energy. Be sure to reduce
the consumption of high-calorie and sugary foods when dining out.


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