Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 8th Oct – 6th Nov 2022


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Success is determined by your ability to control yourself. That said, you may find yourself in awkward situations as a result of being over-ambitious. It is best to handle such situations calmly to resolve them. This month, conflict within Europe will heighten with the added involvement of the Middle East and China, while Australia and New Zealand will have to guard against the spread of diseases. 



Life is not always smooth-sailing, and gossip may make you feel lost and uneasy about the future. Don’t worry, for as long as you are confident of your decisions and stand firm, time will prove your true capabilities. Eat more vegetables and fruits to boost your immunity and avoid crowded areas.



An increased workload will cause you to miss out on family time. Try to keep a work-life balance to maintain harmony at home. Also, you should seek medical aid if feeling unwell. Do not self-medicate. Pay extra attention to your health and go for regular medical checkups.



You can expand your network by helping others. You may even meet a mentor who can aid your career. This month, be bold in trying new things. It can bring you great luck and a bright future. Beware of unscrupulous people who instigate you to slander others.



With great luck this month, you may achieve breakthroughs in your career. Remember to show your gratitude to those who have been striving together with you. Amidst favourable health luck, you should continue to keep a balanced diet and exercise more to boost your immunity.



Your stern disposition tends to keep people away. You should pay more attention to your interactions with others. Although silence is golden, it is crucial to speak up when necessary to resolve misunderstandings. To prevent falling sick, stay mindful of your health, as well as that of your elders.



As your business performs well, don’t forget to reward your team members. This can motivate them to strive on further. Pay attention to details when signing contracts. You should not hesitate to ask if there are any doubts. Be careful and avoid acting rashly, otherwise you may incur lawsuits.



Amidst favourable wealth luck, you are likely to get your ideal income. Remember to save money and reduce unnecessary expenses. This month, all matters shall go according to your wishes. You can consider investing in stock or property. Consult a professional to get better potential returns.



All investments involve risks. You should consult a professional and do your due diligence before
investing. Think far and proceed cautiously to avoid wealth loss. Warm up before exercising as you are prone to muscle strains and sprains this month. You should also watch your diet and get sufficient rest.



Those studying must stay focused on your studies. Consider reviewing your homework with your peers after class. Pay attention to safety when travelling and avoid hiking, camping or water sports. This month, you should control your emotions to avoid conflicts with others.



Amidst flourishing career luck, there won’t be many obstacles at work as long as you put in due effort. You may even get promoted or a salary increment. While you bask in your good fortune, stay mindful of others’ feelings and watch your words to avoid disputes.



You will be less stressed at work this month. Smiling more can improve your disposition and lighten the mood during conversations. Read carefully before signing any documents. Choose an auspicious date if you are shifting premises or conducting renovation.



Although there are obstacles ahead, they will be resolved soon. Stay rational and avoid jumping to conclusions based on the words of one party to prevent unnecessary disputes. Work can be stressful, but this shall drive you to be even more efficient.


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