All About Babies Born In 7th Nov – 6th Dec 2022


Babies born between 7th November and 6th December are well-rounded and innovative individuals who are full of creative and sometimes mischievous ideas. Highly eloquent and persuasive, they have the potential of motivating others with their words. These traits are befitting of people like public speakers and lawyers.

Their strong learning capability is a double-edged sword. While they can learn easily, they lack patience and tend to be easily distracted. Consider stimulating your child’s learning interest
through fun educational games.

Babies born this month are also highly responsive, especially when conversing with others. However, they may unknowingly offend others with their forthrightness. Pay attention to how your child communicates and guide them accordingly. That said, avoid taking on tough stances
when teaching your child, as their sensitive nature makes them most receptive to soft approaches and resistant to harsh discipline.

Suitable Career Choices

Babies born this month will grow to excel in the following fields:

  • Creative director
  • Public speaking
  • Law
  • Sales & marketing
  • Journalism


In terms of health, parents should pay attention to their child’s urinary system and kidneys. 


Fengshui Tips

  • Preferred Five Elements (Suitable strokes):  Fire, Metal
  • Lucky Directions: South, West
  • Lucky Colours: Red, Orange, White, Gold


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