Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 7th Dec 2022 – 4th Jan 2023


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Wealth will come and go, placing you in a dilemma. Be careful of fluctuations in the stock market, especially during the second half of this month. Southeast Asia should guard against natural disasters, especially Indonesia and the Philippines. This month, focus on generating positive energy to strive on this month, while exercising caution at the same time.



Beware of investment proposals from acquaintances, especially those whom you seldom keep contact with. Always treat others with respect. Avoid reprimanding your subordinates when they make minor mistakes. Take safety measures if you partake in water activities. You should seek medical attention immediately if feeling unwell.



This is a smooth-sailing month filled with opportunities. Strive for your best after identifying the right moment and you shall succeed. Parents must pay extra attention to safety when bringing young children out. To maintain good marital ties, keep a positive attitude and put in effort to improve your relationship.



Find time to exercise amidst your busy schedule and go for healthier choices when eating out. Be sure to keep an open mind when dealing with work matters. You can get support from benefactors as long as you stay down-to-earth and work hard with humility.



You may easily get into disputes this month. Control your emotions and try to communicate nicely with others. You should resolve any misunderstandings with your family or colleagues quickly. Manage your finances wisely and refuse loan requests from friends when necessary.



You should have your own opinion when handling matters instead of being swayed by others. You can resolve impending problems with years of experience and capability. This is a good time to start setting your goals and building a good network in preparation to go all out next year.



Poor sleep quality will cause you to be easily distracted. Talking about your problems can relieve your mind and improve sleep. You may also consider going hiking during the holidays for a breath of fresh air, but be mindful of the terrain and road conditions.



As social entertainment increases this month, you must adhere to traffic rules and drive carefully. Do not drive if you drink. Otherwise, you may face fines or get into an accident. Being the target of rumours may cause you to be irritable. Try to stay calm and all will be well soon.



A serious mistake at work will cause you to encounter a career bottleneck. Instead of blaming yourself, you should try to rectify the problem and reduce any damage. Long work hours and irregular meals will cause gastrointestinal problems. Remember to take your meals on time.



You may be transferred to a new department this month. Your strong adaptability skills will allow you to take on your new role adeptly, earning recognition from your boss and securing your year-end bonus. Show more concern for your colleagues and organise more gatherings to promote greater cohesion and harmony at work.



Your capability at work puts your superior at ease. However, your perfectionist mindset often causes you to be tense and stressed. You should take time to relax outdoors. Pay more attention to hygiene when dining out to avoid falling sick due to unclean food.



Be confident of your own decisions. Don’t stray away from your original intentions due to criticisms from others. If you are unwell, you should rest at home instead of going to work or crowded places. It is best to go for a health checkup for better peace of mind.



Your hard work with like-minded partners is paying off, and your career is picking up. Be grateful and kind to your subordinates who have been working together with you. Avoid reprimanding them for minor errors at work and be more forgiving of them.


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