When to Receive The God of Wealth in 2023 (接财神)

Wealth God 2023


The God of Wealth is one of the deities commonly worshipped by the Chinese. People believe that the God of Wealth shall bestow great fortune to those who worship sincerely.

During the festive season, welcoming the God of Wealth is one of the important new year customs in addition to having a reunion dinner, and visiting loved ones. People hope that life will flourish with great prosperity under the blessings of the God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth will arrive on the 1st day of the 1st Lunar Month (22/01/2023) from the East (90°). The best time for reception is at 01:40hrs on 22/01/2023. People whose zodiac sign is Dragon or Dog are in conflict with the day that the God of Wealth arrives, and hence are not recommended to participate in the ceremony.




How to receive the God of Wealth?

Prepare the offerings for the reception of the God of Wealth. These include: 3 types of sweet cakes; Nian Gao [年糕], Jin He [进合] and Fa Gao [发糕], 5 types of fruits (bananas, oranges, pears, snow pears and pineapple), 6 vegetarian dishes (based on personal preference), 5 cups of Chinese tea and 5 cups of white rice wine.

You should also get ready 1 set of the God of Wealth incense papers and his portrait. These are generally available at the incense shops.

It is best to carry out the reception of God of Wealth either outside of the main entrance or at the balcony. The altar table should be cleaned with water and wiped dry before the ceremony. Worshippers should also take a bath first to show respect and sincerity.

Alternatively, you may also receive the God of Wealth using your mobile phone this year! Download the God of Wealth image here, and set it as your phone wallpaper on 22 January 2023 at 0140 hrs. Position your mobile phone such that it is facing the East (90°) and offer your respects to the God of Wealth. However, if the East position is blocked by a wall, you will have to head downstairs to receive the God of Wealth.


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