2023 Way Calendar

Pocket Calendar_2023 cover

Way’s Multi-Purpose Calendar

Combines both the Gregorian and Lunar Calendar as well as the Solar Calendar and the daily luck rating.

The Gregorian and Lunar Calendar

The 12 months of the Gregorian Calendar are divided into 12 boxes. The vertical Chinese characters aligned next to the Gregorian dates represent the date of the Lunar Calendar.

The Solar Calendar

Based on the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, seasonal changes are easily identified with the Solar Calendar.
Widely employed in the field of fengshui, when calculating the Eight Characters and the year of birth, as long as the day of birth is before the Beginning of Spring, the person will belong to the previous zodiac. Otherwise, he/she will belong to the next zodiac.



Daily Luck Rating

Auspicious = Red

Average = Blue

Bad = Green


*As of 29 Sept 2022, the dates for Vesak Day (卫塞节) have been changed from 3 Jun 2023 to 2 Jun 2023.