Way Fengshui’s Zodiac Forecast Chart – 2023 ProsperGraph

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Discover your Chinese Zodiac Forecast for 2023 by Fengshui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong.

The Year of the Water Rabbit can be visualised as a construction team working to build new houses for a village, denoting an environment where initiative is essential to establish solid foundations for the year ahead. Opportunities abound in this year of Water and Wood elements ruled by the Four Dark Green Star. Nevertheless, many temptations and uncertainties lie ahead of us. Plan for the future and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Stay prepared for opportunities and strive hard to achieve success.  


Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Goat, Tiger, Pig and Rooster

Those born in the year of the Goat, Tiger, Pig and Rooster will experience less-than-ideal luck and feel stressed due to frequent problems. Prone to mood swings, your immune system is likely to be affected and this may lead to illnesses and injuries. Stay calm when making important decisions and be careful in all that you do. Face challenges boldly instead of being passive and strive to improve yourself. Perseverance is key to getting through this year. 


Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Dragon, Monkey, Snake and Ox

Those born in the year of the Dragon, Monkey, Snake and Ox will enjoy relatively stable luck. A new chapter lies ahead, so set aside your doubts and trust your abilities. You can succeed with diligence and constant self-improvement. Also, pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid falling into the traps of schemers. Maintain your physical and mental health to ensure smooth progress in all aspects of life.  


Chinese Zodiac Forecast: Dog, Rat, Rabbit and Horse

Those born in the year of the Dog, Rat, Rabbit and Horse will enjoy great luck and prosperity this year. Surrounded by benefactors, life will smooth-sailing for you. As you focus on achieving your goals, pay close attention to your health and safety. Adequate rest will ensure greater progress. Stay humble and seek to improve yourself constantly. Do not be afraid to ask questions. A hands-on approach will bring you closer to success.  


Remember that haste makes waste. This year, you must be patient, especially when setting foundations. A solid base is crucial to building a tall and steady fort. Stay focused and do the necessary. Good times lie ahead, as long as everyone plays their part and work together to create new opportunities for the year ahead.  


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