2023 Zodiac Forecast – Rooster


Associated with good luck, wealth and fortune, the Rooster also represents fidelity and punctuality in Chinese culture. As such, it comes as no surprise that more people try to have babies in the year of the Rooster. If you belong to the Rooster zodiac, you are an enthusiastic being who loves to talk and socialise. Witty and eloquent, it’s no wonder that you are popular and can often convince others of your ideas. 

You believe in giving praises and enjoy being flattered. Your confidence sometimes spills over and makes you seem arrogant. Beneath your outgoing personality lies a perfectionist who is shrewd and decisive. You can be critical of others and you don’t mince words. You are likely to offend others with your quick temper and straightforwardness. 


Strengths: Shrewd, decisive, attractive, responsible

Weaknesses: Overconfident, vain, short-tempered, egocentric

Most compatible signs: Ox, Dragon, Snake

Least compatible sign: Rabbit


2023 Outlook 

Your luck will decline significantly due to the Disaster Star (岁破). Keep a low profile and be cautious in all that you do. Do not let your stubbornness become a heavy burden. Amidst the absence of lucky stars, work may be tedious and overwhelming as simple things become complicated. Avoid making drastic changes or acting impulsively, otherwise your wealth and career progress will be affected. To improve your luck, attend more celebratory events, or seek blessings at places of worship during the Lunar New Year. 

Rank: 12/12
Auspicious Direction(s): Southeast, Northwest
Auspicious Number(s): 5, 11
Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown
Benefactor Sign(s): Dragon, Dog


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