Things You Need to Know Before Dipping Your Feet into The Water This 7th Lunar Month

7th month

To some, there’s nothing better than taking a dip during a hot and sunny day. Considering that Singapore is hot and sunny all year round, everyday is more or less a beach day.

However, just as you’re about to head to the nearby swimming pool or the beach, chances are, your parents will stop you and warn you about how a spirit will pull you into the deep, dark depths of the ocean if you were to go swimming during the 7th Lunar Month.

Well, there goes a perfect day out with your best buddies.

That said, people aren’t as peculiar about the 7th Lunar Month nowadays as compared to the past, which is why we’re seeing kids frolicking in the pools nowadays.

However, just how much of these are purely myths and superstitions? Join us as we take a look at the myth surrounding swimming this 7th Lunar Month!

1) Pulled into abyss


The 7th Lunar Month is a period of time fraught with “Yin” energy, and according to certain beliefs, it is not the best time to be going swimming as water spirits might pull on your legs and drag into the abyss.

They will then force you to take their place, and you’ll have to lay waiting until the next poor sod passes by. Then it’ll be your turn to make him/her take your place.

While this may sound like an episode of tales from the crypt, there’s a perfectly sound explanation for the horror story above.

2) A very, very bad cramp


As the changes in temperature is more significant during the 7th Lunar Month, there is a tendency for people to get muscle cramps, especially when they are exercising.

At this point, I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this.

Yes- scientifically, these “water spirits” are most likely muscle cramps. We all know how deadly muscle cramps can be, especially when you’re sleeping and you decide to give your calves a little stretch.

Now, imagine that, but in water. I’m not sure about you, but most people just scream in agony when that happens. I can’t even imagine trying to swim with a muscle cramp.

3) Do more stretches


If there’s anything remotely useful your gym teacher ever taught you, it’s probably the importance of stretching.

Warm up before exercising to avoid cramps, torn ligaments, and the possibility of drowning. Ensure that your friends do their share of stretching, lest they get the chance to tell an obnoxious tale about how they almost drowned because of a water spirit for the next 50 years.

4) Safety in numbers


The Chinese believe that living, breathing humans represent “Yang“, while spirits represent “Yin“. During the 7th Lunar Month, when the “Yin” energy is at its peak, there is a higher tendency for living beings to run into spirits.

As such, staying together in groups will bolster your “Yang” energy, keeping you safe. That aside, it’s definitely safer for you to go swimming with a group of friends too. Should your muscles decide to mess with you, at least your friends will be there to lend you a helping hand.

In conclusion:


Maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that you stretch your muscles before swimming. Swimming during the 7th Lunar Month might be Taboo to some, but as long as you stay in groups and lookout for each other, you should be fine.

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