5 Things to Know About Going Home Late During the 7th Lunar Month

7th Month

With the 7th Lunar Month just around the corner, I’m fairly certain that your grandparents are currently clearing their throats in preparation for their cautionary tales about the infamous “Ghost Month”.

While many of us might have enjoyed their tales when we were kids, we tend to pass them off as superstitions now that we are older.

However, just how many of these stories are baseless myths? From now until the end of the 7th Lunar Month, join us as we delve into the world of traditional beliefs and myths.

For today, we’ll be talking about the belief that one should not return home late during the 7th Lunar Month.


1) Children should avoid staying out late


It is common belief that children tend to be more sensitive when it comes to other worldly matters. As such, parents generally do not allow their children to leave house during the 7th Lunar Month in fear of them running into spirits.

No matter if you believe in the afterlife or not, it is still a good idea to keep your children at home during the nights of the 7th Lunar month simply for the reasons below:

1) The dip in temperature at night may cause your children to catch a cold

2) Personal safety and well-being

2) People with weaker or “Yin” Bazi should not stay out late


Similar to children, those with weaker or “Yin” Bazi are believed to have a tendency of running into spirits. However, this could also be due to the fact that people with weaker Bazi tend to lack confidence and can be a little jumpy at times.

Their paranoia, coupled with their insecurities, created a situation where they feel as if someone’s always watching them.

As such, should you be someone with weak or “Yin” Bazi, our masters suggest that you should head home before the sun sets, for the sake of your general well-being.


3) Avoid dark and shady streets

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Our elders have always told us to stay away from dark corners and shady streets to avoid running into “unclean things”, especially during the 7th Lunar Month when spirits are supposedly roaming the streets.

Even if you do not believe in spirits, we believe this is an advice you should heed. After all, you never know what form of villainy could be lurking behind the dark corners, waiting for a chance to pounce on their victims.




4) Stay away from trees and forests

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Do forests and trees creep you out? If so, stay away from them at night. Going into a forested area at night is a sure-fire way to get your heart pumping and induce paranoia. Between the foliage blocking out the moonlight and sounds of unidentified creatures, your overactive imagination will probably be adding fuel to the fire.

Generally speaking, most of us have no business in forests in this time and age. So just do yourselves a favour and stay away from forested areas, lest the fire department comes hunting for you.




5) Avoid carrying antiques on you


Antiques are known to attract spirits due to their age, and it is generally believed that certain antiques have spirits dwelling within.

If you require a more practical reason, see this as a way to deter the eyes of unscrupulous individuals. After all, you may attract unwanted attention carrying a valuable piece of antique on you, especially if they come in the form of a bracelet or necklace.


In conclusion:



While there are many reasons based on our traditional beliefs as to why you should avoid staying out late during the 7th Lunar Month,  one should also try to see the practical reasoning involved.

After all, these things to avoid could very well be our ancestors’ attempt at explaining the unknown and to keep their loved ones safe. Whatever it is, at the end of the day, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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