Fengshui Review: BTO Tampines GreenGem (TOP)

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

Published: 5 April 2024

Launched under HDB’s November 2018 Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise, Tampines GreenGem is an international award-winning housing project (Global Future Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner) in eastern Singapore, which ​​obtained TOP (temporary occupation permit) recently.

Located near Bedok reservoir park, this new BTO estate has lush gardens in-between the residential blocks, which are angled away from one another so that all units can enjoy better wind flow. That certainly sounds positive where fengshui is concerned.

Wondering if Tampines GreenGem is really an ideal fengshui home or a good property investment? To find out, read on for our in-depth fengshui review!

Tampines GreenGem: Landform Fengshui  

Bounded by Bedok Reservoir Road and Tampines Street 96, Tampines GreenGem resides on the Eastern Dragon. From a fengshui perspective, Tampines is a land of “Talented Scholar and Ravishing Beauty”, an ideal residential area for those in the creative industry. As there is high potential of cultivating talent here, young families will benefit greatly from the auspicious energies of this formation.

Tampines is also situated near the head of the Eastern Dragon, a majestic creature capable of helping inhabitants within its land to soar to greater heights. As those who possess talent and beauty may develop an “arrogant exterior”, Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Fengshui Group shared that more efforts must be made to maintain harmonious relationships, for without that, a breakthrough will be difficult to achieve.

Homeowners should also take caution against illnesses. The seasonal northeast monsoon will cause temperature to fluctuate and people with poor constitutions are susceptible to catching a cold. As such, warm colours (i.e. red or cream) are recommended in interior design and decorations while cool colours (i.e. blue, green, etc) should be avoided. Growing more plants can help to dispense the cold too.

External fengshui considerations

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

As one’s external environment accounts for more than interior considerations, it is important to consider features of the surrounding space when selecting a new home.

Named for the nature spots (such as Bedok Reservoir Park) surrounding the BTO housing estate, Tampines GreenGem offers outdoor recreational activities and easy accessibility to amenities such as reputable schools, Tampines West MRT Station and the Tampines Expressway.

While this means convenience for residents, the vibrant surroundings implies greater human traffic and noises. Across this new BTO estate is Temasek Polytechnic. Stacks along Tampines Street 96 facing the educational institution are likely to be affected by heavier traffic and noises during active school hours.

Stacks facing Bedok Reservoir Road are also likely to experience higher traffic noises, since the road leads to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and can be heavily populated by the numerous buses that pass this route. Sound insulation is recommended to reduce noise disturbances from the external environment.

Surrounded by future high-rise residential projects, residents of Tampines GreenGem will get blocked views. This indicates potential conflict points, as well as pollution and negative energies (Sha Qi) during the construction period.

Residents should take note that high-rise buildings in proximity present a potential risk of conflicts such as Tian Zhan Sha (home’s frontage facing an opening between two or more building structures that funnel negative energies), corner Sha (角煞) where sharp corners present hidden threats, etc.

If you encounter such scenarios, you may display a pair of guardian lions or Six Emperor Coins emblem to ward off the negative energies. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult a professional  fengshui  master for appropriate fengshui measures.

Some units at Tampines GreenGem are located near the lift or staircases. Stay mindful if you are in such a unit, as this may respectively result in unstable magnetic fields or unfavourable energies at home. Such situations could also lead to household disharmony and health issues. Do practise greater awareness, and consider displaying a Petrified Wood emblem  in your living room.

Last but not least, stacks that are near or face the bin centre directly are not recommended. If your front door faces the Bin Centre directly, your house is likely to be amongst the first to be affected by rubbish stench once the wind starts blowing.

Internal fengshui considerations

Homeowners should bear in mind the main orientation of your house, as it will directly influence the overall luck of your household member(s). The house orientation refers to the facing of your house, which can be measured from the main entrance where qi flows in.

Tip: Did you know there’s a Luopan (fengshui compass) in the Way Almanac App? You can download our app for free to measure your home orientation.

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

Tampines GreenGem comprises 13 residential blocks ranging from 13 to 17 storeys. There are in total 1,086 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, and 5-room flats.

Based on fengshui analysis, North and South are the most auspicious directions in the upcoming Period 9 and Period 1 (years 2024 – 2063), and Northwest and Southeast are the second most auspicious directions.

The following table lists the Period 9 Auspicious Homes. Do you live in any of these units?

*PS These are on the boundary between 2 sectors of directions. Therefore, it is suggested to seek advice from a professional fengshui  consultation for guidance.

Note that there is no fixed lucky direction that caters to everyone. If in doubt, you may like to leave it to the professionals. Way Fengshui provides end-to-end fengshui services from selecting an ideal unit to helping you create a harmonious environment in your new home.

This is especially if your unit faces the least favourable directions such as Northeast or Southwest. Getting a reliable fengshui  consultation can help you to clear doubts and ensure that your household thrive in the coming Period 9.

Did you know?

Homeowners who are considering a kitchen island may want to be mindful of the placement of your stove, as it is symbolic of the female homeowner’s health in terms of fengshui.

Building a stove on the kitchen island is not recommended, as it is exposed to qi (energy) from every angle. From a practical perspective, such exposure could also affect the food you cook, leading to health issues. The placement of the stove is best against a wall for stability.

Also, be mindful of the sink location in the kitchen. If it is directly across your kitchen stove, you may want to consider renovation or implement some changes such as installing an island in between (if space permits). This is because having a stove directly facing the sink depicts a clash of elements between fire (stove) and water (sink) that could affect the health of your household members.

Homeowners should be mindful that Period 9, which corresponds with the South, represents a strong Fire element. Therefore, locating important spaces within your premises is crucial. For example, it is best to make adjustments if your stove (also of fire element) is facing South, otherwise too much fire energy can cause instability and burnout for members in the household. If in doubt, always consult a professional  fengshui  master for appropriate fengshui measures.

Thrive in Period 9 with good home fengshui

As with most things in life, getting it right from the start will save you lots of effort. More than just the correct placement of furniture or avoiding certain colours, home fengshui looks into compatibility amongst the homeowners and your living spaces.

Tampines GreenGem offers several units that face the favourable directions of Period 9, and is well-located with many amenities that spell convenience for residents. Nonetheless, there are some stacks that face the least favourable directions, and more in-depth  fengshui  analysis is required to enhance the home fengshui for specific flats.

If you are settling down in this densely populated town, which is still under development, stay mindful of negative forms in the surroundings of your home. To tap on the positive energies of this fengshui period and optimise your home fengshui, do consider consulting a  fengshui  master.

Way Fengshui can aid you to create the perfect harmonious and comfortable living environment. Our residential fengshui consultation services include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Relationships and health
  • Career and wealth opportunities
  • Wealth position of your house
  • Wen Chang position (for academic considerations)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement
  • Lucky colours and unlucky colours
  • Auspicious dates to renovate and shift premises

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