Fengshui Review: BTO Punggol Point Cove Phase 1 (TOP)

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

Published: 5 April 2024

Launched under HDB’s August 2018 Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise, Punggol Point Cove (Phase 1) is one of the highly anticipated non-mature estates located in northeastern Singapore, which would be ​​obtaining TOP (temporary occupation permit) soon.

Named for its waterfront location, Punggol Point Cove offers recreation options and living by the waters. In Chinese culture, the water element often represents good fortune and abundance. Staying in a home that faces the sea can be good fengshui, but there are more external environmental factors to consider before reaching a conclusion.

Wondering if Punggol Point Cove is an ideal fengshui home? Let’s take an in-depth residential fengshui review to find out!

Please check and advise as I have not found any news or videos that the development has started collecting keys.

Punggol Point Cove: Landform Fengshui  

Bounded by Punggol Way and New Punggol Road, Punggol Point Cove is located within the Punggol Point district of Punggol Eco-Town. This sea-front BTO development sits on the Eastern Dragon in one of Singapore’s crab lands, specifically resembling a ‘hairy crab’. The land formation here is known as the “Crab Suppressed by Rock” formation.

A crab land is symbolic of strength and vigour. Although highly driven to reach the top, the crab is prone to making rash decisions in its unyielding pursuit for success. Fortunately, it is held in place by a big rock. This means that residents in Punggol are controlled in their journey for progress, striking a harmonious balance at all times.

Located in the Northeast region of Singapore, Punggol has developed rapidly over the past two decades, coinciding with the fengshui Period 8 that favours the Northeast. But is it really a coincidence? Interestingly, as we enter Period 9, development seems to be slowing in this region with Punggol Point Cove (phase 2) seeing further completion delay of ~3 months after its initial delay of ~6 to 9 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

External fengshui considerations

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

As one’s external environment accounts for more than interior considerations, it is important to consider features of the surrounding space when selecting a new home.

Located next to Punggol Promenade and Coney Island Park, Punggol Point Cove offers seafront living without compromising on accessibility, as it is conveniently within walking distance to the MRT station.

In landscape fengshui, unblocked views are favoured as it represents the Red Phoenix, symbolising aspirations and a bright future. Such smooth flow of energy in the absence of points of conflict (sha) is essential. This is also why people favour higher floor units or seafront living, as such options present a higher chance of getting unblocked views.

A household is also considered auspicious and blessed with prosperity and abundance if you can see flowing water from your living room, especially if there is a large door or window that allows an inflow of energy from the river across your home. In the case of Punggol Point Cove, several units are facing the sea, which is a plus point for residents.

Nevertheless, do note that there may be challenges to accumulating auspicious energies, especially if your main door faces the balcony directly. In such situations, household members may find that money comes and goes easily if measures are not made to better contain the positive energies.

Residents staying in close proximity to a Bin Centre or chute area should also be mindful. For example, the chute area near the main door of units at Stack 1101 and 1135 may affect residents if the chute overflows with rubbish. When the wind starts blowing, the rubbish stench would affect nearby households even if the estate uses the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS).

As several sites surrounding  Punggol Point Cove are undergoing construction, residents should be wary of potential conflict points, as well as pollution and negative energies (Sha Qi) during the construction period. If required, consider consulting a professional fengshui practitioner for remedies to such a situation.


Last but not least, there is a site reserved for a Chinese temple within the BTO development along Punggol Way. Some stacks at Block 446A , 446B and 448B will overlook the place of worship. If you are concerned about staying near a temple or places of worship and wondering if there’s any fengshui implications, here’s our take:

There’s a saying in fengshui that states that having a temple in front of the house indicates poverty; at the rear of the house indicates wealth; on the left and right of the house indicates widowhood. Temples are where devotees gather and perform acts of worship, hence it will congregate a strong force of energy that may cause a qi imbalance to its surroundings. It is also believed that temples will attract spirits and ghosts, making the area unfavourable for long-term dwellers.

Nevertheless, it is inaccurate to conclude the qi condition based on the temple alone. To evaluate the auspiciousness of an area, factors such as the house facing, distance from the temple, luck cycle of the residents etc. must be considered. An on-site fengshui assessment for each unit is needed to determine the effects of the temple on the dwelling. If in doubt, you may want to consult a  fengshui  master.

Internal fengshui considerations

Homeowners should bear in mind the main orientation of your house, as it will directly influence the overall luck of your household member(s). The house orientation refers to the facing of your house, which can be measured from the main entrance where qi flows in.

Tip: Did you know there’s a Luopan (fengshui compass) in the Way Almanac App? You can download our app for free to measure your home orientation.

Credits: My Nice Home by HDB

Punggol Point Cove (Phase 1) comprises 5 residential blocks ranging from 8 to 23 storeys. In total, this BTO development offers 1,178 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room, and 3Gen flats.

Based on fengshui analysis, North and South are the most auspicious directions in Period 9 and Period 1 (years 2024 – 2063), and Northwest and Southeast are the second most auspicious directions.

The following table lists the Period 9 Auspicious Homes. Do you live in any of these units?

*PS These are on the boundary between 2 sectors of directions. Therefore, it is suggested to seek advice from a professional fengshui  consultation for guidance.

While several units at Punggol Point Cove face the most auspicious directions of Period 9, some units are facing the less favourable directions such as East, West, Northeast or Southwest. Getting a reliable fengshui  consultation can help you to clear doubts and ensure that your household thrives in the current Period 9.

Nonetheless, do note that there is no fixed lucky direction that caters to everyone. If in doubt, you may like to leave it to the professionals. Way Fengshui provides end-to-end fengshui services from selecting an ideal unit to helping you create a harmonious environment in your new home.

Did you know?

The Kun sector, located in the Southwest of your home, is one area that you should not overlook! It represents the mother (matriarch energy), which denotes empathy, harmony and relationships.

The main element of this area is Earth, hence water features are recommended here. To ensure good health and stable emotions, plants should not be placed in this area. Also, this is a sector that should not be in the kitchen, toilet or storeroom.

For those who are scratching your head over where the Southwest sector in your home is, don’t worry! You are just a step from improving your home fengshui and luck. Read this to locate the sectors within your living space.

Besides that, keep a lookout for the South sector / facing as it corresponds with Period 9, and represents a strong Fire element. For example, adjustments are recommended if your stove (also of fire element) is facing South, otherwise too much fire energy can cause instability and burnout for members in the household. If your stove happens to face South, consider consulting a professional fengshui master for appropriate fengshui measures.

Thrive in Period 9 with good home fengshui

As with most things in life, getting it right from the start will save you lots of effort. More than just the correct placement of furniture or avoiding certain colours, home fengshui looks into compatibility amongst the homeowners and your living spaces.

In terms of fengshui, Punggol Point Cove sits on a favourable fengshui land with several units facing an auspicious direction. For those whose units are facing East, West, Northeast or Southwest, or if you are planning to optimise your home layout to tap on the positive energies of Period 9, you may want to consult a  fengshui  master.

Way Fengshui can aid you to create the perfect harmonious and comfortable living environment. Our residential fengshui consultation services include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Relationships and health
  • Career and wealth opportunities
  • Wealth position of your house
  • Wen Chang position (for academic considerations)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement
  • Lucky colours and unlucky colours
  • Auspicious dates to renovate and shift premises

Keen to improve your home fengshui? Check out our residential fengshui services now!