Dec 2023 BTO: Woodlands Beacon Fengshui Unit Review

Credits: HDB

Published: 28 December 2023

Aptly named for its prominent location at the gateway to Woodlands Regional Centre, Woodlands Beacon is one of the two Build-To-Order (BTO) housing projects in Woodlands that was launched in the HDB’s December 2023 BTO exercise.

Positioned amid green landscaping to create a semi-courtyard space for relaxation and unwinding, this new BTO estate looks like it has the best of both worlds – tranquil environment and easy accessibility to amenities.

Let’s take an in-depth home fengshui review on Woodlands Beacon to assess its fengshui qualities. Read on!

Woodlands Beacon: Landform fengshui  

Credits: HDB

Bounded by Woodlands Avenue 3, Woodlands Avenue 5, and Woodlands Street 13, Woodlands Beacon sits on the den of the Central Dragon, and belongs to the fengshui land formation of “Golden Coin-storing Bowl”. This indicates favorability for wealth and health.

Built at the centre of several undulating hillocks, Woodlands Central resembles a goin-coin storing bowl, implying a capacity to accumulate wealth. Its reference to the “Iron Rice Bowl” in Mandarin and denotes that residents in this area shall be able to hold a stable and secure job.

With its strategic location, Woodlands is an auspicious district that can absorb and retain qi, making it an ideal place for resting and recuperation. This is especially so for North-facing residential units sitting in the South.

Internal fengshui considerations

Credits: HDB

When it comes to choosing an ideal unit, keep in mind that the main orientation of a house will directly influence the overall luck of its residents. The house orientation refers to the facing of your house, which can typically be measured from the main entrance where qi flows in.

Woodlands Beacon comprises 2 residential blocks of 3- and 4-room flats at a height of 32 storeys high. Here, there are 399 units in total.

Based on fengshui analysis, North and South are the most auspicious directions in the upcoming Period 9 and 1 (years 2024 – 2063), and Northwest and Southeast are the second most auspicious directions. It is recommended to choose a unit that faces either of these directions or lies at the border of these directions to tap on the positive energies.

We have categorised the units at Woodlands Beacon under the Period 9 Auspicious Home Ranking chart, as listed below.

Note that there is no fixed lucky direction that caters to everyone. If in doubt, you may like to leave it to the professionals. Way Fengshui provides end-to-end fengshui services from selecting an ideal unit to helping you create a harmonious environment in your new home.

This is especially if your unit faces the least favourable directions such as Northeast or Southwest. Getting a reliable fengshui  consultation can help you to clear doubts and ensure that your household thrive in the coming Period 9.

External fengshui considerations

As one’s external environment accounts for more than interior considerations, it is important to consider features of the surrounding space when selecting a new home.

Although Woodlands Beacon is located slightly further away from Woodlands MRT station, Causeway Point and Woodlands Civic Centre as compared to (launched in the same BTO sales exercise), this BTO project enjoys similar easy accessibility to the various amenities in the Woodlands Regional Centre and will likely have lesser human traffic.

Nevertheless, its location at the gateway of Woodlands Regional Centre and with numerous schools in the vicinity, there will be inevitable traffic and noises, especially during the peak hours. Homeowners can consider installing window blinds to minimize disturbances.

It is worthy to note that Woodlands Beacon is near the park connector, several parks (e.g. Treehaus park, Woodlands Town Park East, etc.) and set within lush green landscaping. Plants symbolize vitality and growth, which can enhance one’s living space. However, residents should also keep a lookout for trees as they can deflect incoming auspicious energies. Plants may also introduce unwanted pests into our homes if they are too close to entrances.

Here’s another fengshui plus point for Woodlands Beacon: None of the stacks face each other directly, eliminating the risks of conflicting energy. From the site plan, there’s also considerable space between this upcoming BTO housing project and the surrounding high-rise residential buildings.

On the other hand, the above ground MRT track lies along Woodlands Ave 3, hence outer stacks that face this road are likely to be subjected to noise and light pollution. While Woodlands Beacon’s 5-storey Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) can act as a buffer to reduce disturbances, certain stacks such as 310, 308, 306, 314 and 316 face the MSCP directly. Those located on the lower storey of these stacks may want to consider installing a window blind. Otherwise, you and your household members are likely to encounter Sound Sha [声煞] and Light Sha [光煞], which could cause disturbances to daily life such as insomnia.

Aspiring homeowners should also take note of stacks that are near or face the bin centre directly (eg. stacks 310, 312, 322, 324). If your front door faces the Bin Centre directly, your house is likely to be amongst the first to be affected by rubbish stench once the wind starts blowing, even if the estate uses the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS).

Did you know?

Woodlands Beacon is designed with an open kitchen concept comprising a dry kitchen and a combined kitchen/utility space. For homeowners who are considering a kitchen island, you may want to be mindful of the placement of your stove, as it is symbolic of the female homeowner’s health in terms of fengshui.

Building a stove on the kitchen island is not recommended, as it is exposed to qi (energy) from every angle. From a practical perspective, such exposure could also affect the food you cook, leading to health issues. The placement of the stove is best against a wall for stability.

Also, be mindful of the sink location in the kitchen. If it is directly across your kitchen stove, you may want to consider renovation or implement some changes such as installing an island in between (if space permits). This is because having a stove directly facing the sink depicts a clash of elements between fire (stove) and water (sink) that could affect the health of your household members.

Homeowners should also be mindful that Period 9, which corresponds with the South, represents a strong Fire element. Therefore, locating important spaces within your premises is crucial. For example, it is best to make adjustments if your stove (also of fire element) is facing South, otherwise too much fire energy can cause instability and burnout for members in the household. If in doubt, always consult a professional  fengshui  master for appropriate fengshui measures.

Which fengshui BTO units to choose in Woodlands Beacon?

As with most things in life, getting it right from the start will save you lots of effort. More than just the correct placement of furniture or avoiding certain colours, home fengshui looks into compatibility amongst the homeowners and your living spaces.

Woodlands Beacon offers several units that face the favourable directions of Period 9, and is well-located with many amenities that spell convenience for future homeowners. Nonetheless, there are some stacks that face the least favourable directions, and more in-depth fengshui analysis is required to enhance the home fengshui for specific flats.

Besides selecting a unit that is auspicious in the reigning luck cycle, remember that the unit should also be in a direction that suits your bazi. Residing in a suitable fengshui unit can help you to create a harmonious home, improve mood and energy, and attract opportunities and benefactors.

Way Fengshui Consultancy aids homeowners to create the perfect harmonious and comfortable living environment. Our residential fengshui consultation services include, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • Relationships and health
  • Career and wealth opportunities
  • Wealth position of your house
  • Wen Chang position (for academic considerations)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement
  • Lucky colours and unlucky colours
  • Auspicious dates to renovate and shift premises

So, wait no further! Our masters will evaluate your units based on a four-point method, analysing the luck cycle, direction, Bazi suitability and missing sector to make your fengshui selection unit a breeze. Learn more here.