30 Fengshui Tips To Survive This Hungry Ghost Festival

7th Lunar Month

Here are the tips we have compiled for you to survive this Hungry Ghost Festival!

1) Avoid Hanging Wind Chimes In Your Bedroom

Wind chimes will easily attract “good buddies” (好兄弟) to your bedroom, especially when you are sleeping.

2) Avoid Wearing Items with Your Name When Walking at Night

Individuals with weaker Bazi should avoid wearing items with your name indicated on them when walking at night to prevent unwanted attention from “good buddies”.

3) Take Zoom Calls In A Brightly-lit Room

If you take any Zoom calls at night, do so in a brightly-lit room to prevent extra attendees from joining your meeting.

4) Avoid Touching Praying Items

We should respect prayer items and refrain from touching them. Watch your way when walking to avoid kicking them accidentally, and apologise if you did.

5) Avoid Whistling

Whistling while walking home at night might attract “good buddies”. They might even fall in love with you, resulting in romance you might not want.

6) Avoid Shouting Names

Avoid shouting names as these might attract the attention of “good buddies” and make them remember you. Try to use nicknames instead.

7) Go Swimming with Friends

If you wish to go swimming during the 7th Lunar Month, go with a group of friends to bolster your Yang energy, which keeps you safe from the Yin energy of the “good buddies”.

8) Avoid Being Curious

“Good buddies” love hiding and you might spot them when you are too curious.

9) Avoid Dark Paths

Dark corners contain more Yin Qi and these are the “good buddies'” favourite hideouts.

10) Avoid Working Late At Night

Our Qi is weaker when you are tired and at your weakest at night. On the other hand, “good buddies” are the most energetic at these hours. Work in a room with good lighting if needed.

11) Avoid Leaning On Walls

“Good buddies” love to lean on cold walls and rest. You might want to maintain social distancing with them this Hungry Ghost Festival!

12) Avoid Picking Up Money

There might be coins or money lying around to bribe the Ox & Horse Officers to skip check-ins at the Gates Of Hell. Avoid picking them up. You might not want to offend them.

13) Avoid Turning Your Head Back (Especially When Not Wearing Your Mask)

When walking in deserted places, do not turn your head if you hear someone calling you. It might be a “good buddy” or a safety ambassador.

14) Avoid Tapping Shoulders Or Back

It is believed that everyone has 3 lights in total, on your forehead and your shoulders. Once any of the lights are gone, the “good buddies” might possess you easily. Why not try an #elbowbump or the #Wuhanshake instead?

15) Avoid Wearing Accessories with Bells

Bells might attract “good buddies” to follow you home.

16) Avoid Sticking Chopsticks Into Your Food

It is a common practice in prayers to stick chopsticks into food to invite “good buddies” to enjoy the feast prepared. Thus, don’t get too excited with your “Bak Kut Teh” and stick your chopsticks into it. Your food might be gone before you realise it.

17) Be in The Company of Others As Much As Possible

Being alone can easily attract the attention of “good buddies”.

18) Take Photos During The Day

We all love to take photos, especially selfies. Take them during the day so that you don’t end up bringing “good buddies” home with you.

19) Select Auspicious Dates For Renovations Or Moving

Moving into a new property during this period might invite the “good buddies” in. Renovations might create too much disruption and provoke the “good buddies”. If you really need to renovate or move house, it is advisable to select an auspicious date for this.

20) Avoid Hanging Clothes Outdoors At Night

Leaving your clothes outdoors to dry at night might attract “good buddies” who like your clothes, and they might borrow them and leave their smell on them.

21) Celebrate Birthdays During The Day

As the “good buddies” are active at night, they might join your birthday party if you choose to have celebrations at night. Try celebrating in the day instead if you do not want to have more buddies joining you.

22) Avoid Sitting Under Trees

As the song goes, “路边一棵榕树下” (“Under the banyan tree by the roadside”). “Good buddies” love sitting under trees, as they are normally shady and contain high amounts of Yin Qi.

23) Avoid The Word “Ghost” 

Avoid saying the word “ghost”, especially during any prayers or rituals. It is rather offensive and there might be one standing beside you.

24) Avoid Catching Dragonflies

Some believe that the dragonfly is the reincarnation of “good buddies”. Thus, you might not want to bring them home.

25) Avoid Wearing Dark Colours Or Red 

Dark colours are “good buddies”‘ favourite hideout, while red might attract too much of their attention. Instead, choose light and auspicious colours based on your Bazi.

26) Avoid Crowding Around When Burning Joss Paper

When burning offerings, the good buddies might be crowding around and snatching the joss paper. You might not want to obstruct their way.

27) Place Footwear Near the Door During #Singapoliday

When sleeping in a hotel during a staycation, place footwear facing the main door rather than beside the bed. This way, the “good buddies” will not disturb you.

28) Avoid Hair Covering Your Face When Sleeping

“Good buddies” might mistake you as their friend and wake you up to chat with them late at night.

29) Pray at Your Main Door

It is believed that the “good buddies” will visit their family on the first day of the 7th Lunar Month. This explains the practice of families praying during lunch on the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival.

30) Wear A Talisman

Try to choose a talisman that is mild and protective,  so as not to provoke the “good buddies”.

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