Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 4th Feb – 4th Mar 2024

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Published: 4 Feb 2024


The Five Yellow Star may bring disasters and misfortune this month. Everyone will have to be well-prepared in order to avoid calamities. China should be cautious of natural disasters, especially earthquakes. With the prevalent spreading of diseases, extra caution is necessary, especially when traveling to China and Africa.


Set your goals and plan well for clearer directions in the year ahead. Visiting your relatives during the Lunar New Year can help you to maintain ties and expand your network, which will aid your career. When overseas, pay heed to traffic safety. Avoid beating the red light.


Put your ideas into action and you will get satisfactory results soon if you follow the plan. Consider catching up with friends to maintain ties. This can also pave the way for your career progression. Don’t disclose your personal details to strangers to avoid getting framed. 


Challenges in life are inevitable. Don’t give up easily for your loved ones can help you to overcome difficulties if you confide in them. Exercising can improve physical health and aid you to forget your worries temporarily. Consider doing outdoor sports with friends during the weekend.


Opportunities are for those who are prepared. You shall get promoted if you keep performing well at work. Accept new tasks readily to show your capabilities. A bright future lies ahead if you can overcome challenges. Eat and drink moderately during the festive season to avoid physical discomfort.


Stay professional when handling work challenges, even if you are exhausted from the heavy workload. While leisure gambling during the Lunar New Year is fine, avoid overindulging as gambling will not bring you great wealth. Drivers should adhere to traffic rules and not beat the red light for convenience’s sake.


Control your budget when refurnishing your home for the Lunar New Year. Live within your means and don’t be swayed by sales talk. This month, set your financial goals and create an annual budget plan to take concrete actions towards financial freedom.


Work is progressing smoothly. You may be assigned to a new role as recognition from your boss. Accept the challenge boldly and prove your capabilities. You should do spring cleaning and throw away old items before the Lunar New Year. Be careful when packing to avoid getting cut. 


Your superior is happy with your performance amidst steady business growth, indicating a generous bonus and incentive trip this year. Couples should practise mutual respect and communicate calmly with each other. Don’t overeat greasy food during the Lunar New Year, else you may get a sore throat and cough.


Leisure gambling with friends is common during the Lunar New Year, but huge bets are not advisable. Mind your words when interacting with others. To keep collaborations amicable, be humble and tactful. Drivers must abide by traffic rules. Avoid speeding, beating red lights or parking illegally.


Visiting more relatives during the Lunar New Year can expand your network and aid in your career development. You should stand firm against sales talk and avoid buying things you don’t need. You will enjoy better luck if you take the initiative to do good and help others.


This New Year, you are filled with anticipation for life. Write down your plans and think carefully about how to proceed. Focus on stability and avoid acting recklessly. During the festive season, remember to eat less fried food to avoid getting a sore throat or stomach discomfort.


Amidst excellent luck and aid from lucky stars, you can excel in all fields with clear goals and a positive attitude. Seize the chance to show your abilities at work, and you may get promoted this year. Don’t indulge in gambling during the festive season to avoid a financial crisis.


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