All About Babies Born In 4th Apr – 4th May 2024


Published: 5 Apr 2024

Babies born between 4 April and 4 May 2024 have a strong personality with independent viewpoints. Once they form their own ideas, they can become opinionated and find difficulty in making changes. They tend to get distracted easily and lack patience, hence leading to poor focus on whatever they are working on. Thus, teach your child the right values and nurture him/her to stay open to opinions from an early age.


Suitable Career Choices

Babies born this month will grow to excel in the following fields:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Specialist
  • Investor



As your child is prone to hot body constitution issues, do encourage him/her to exercise more to expel internal heat and excess energy. Water-related sports such as swimming are recommended.


Fengshui Tips

  • Preferred Five Elements (Suitable strokes):  Metal, Water
  • Lucky Directions: West, North
  • Lucky Colours: White, Gold, Blue, Black


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