How Taylor Swift’s Success is Reflected in her Birth Chart (Bazi)

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From politics to e-commerce scams and Swifties who just can’t get enough of the global popstar, the echoes of Taylor Swift’s electrifying concerts in Singapore continue to reverberate, even after her sixth and final show on March 9.

This American singer-songwriter is one of the most influential artists of her generation, having won at least 14 MTV Video Music Awards and nearly 100 Guinness World Records, as well as 14 Grammy Awards and a historic four-year Album of the Year. 

Wondering how Taylor Swift got famous and why she is sooooo popular? The answer lies in her Bazi chart. Read on as we analyse Swift’s Bazi to reveal intriguing facets of her personality and life journey.

What is Bazi

For the uninitiated, Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny, is a form of Chinese astrology that analyses a person’s destiny based on their birth date and time. Based on the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, and how they interact with each other in different luck cycles, your Bazi can reveal your personality, potential, and destiny.

Bazi of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born on 13 December 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Using her date of birth, we generated her Bazi chart using Way Fengshui’s free Bazi tool, (try yours now!)

Yin Fire Element [丁]: Creative, Outgoing, Empathetic 

Taylor Swift’s Bazi revealed her Day Master to be Ding [丁] of the Yin Fire element. Commonly associated with a gentle candlelight or a bonfire that illuminates the darkness and provides warmth for those around it, a Ding Fire person or Yin Fire Day master possesses an innate charisma that draws others like moths to flame.

Yin Fire Day masters are creative thinkers who have the innate ability to perceive new possibilities and inspire others with their original ideas. Their innovative thinking and determination make them exceptional entrepreneurs. That sounds like Tay Tay!

Nurturing towards others, people of the Yin Fire element tend to be outgoing and generous. Taylor Swift certainly reflects such personality traits as she is known to support charitable causes and even surprise fans with personalised gifts, handwritten notes, as well as financial assistance during difficult times. Last year, the award-winning American singer-songwriter reportedly gave over $73 million in bonuses to The Eras Tour staff!

Influence of the Imposing Authority [七杀] 

Delving deeper into Taylor Swift’s Bazi, we see that she has the archetype (aka Ten Deities) known as the Imposing Authority [七杀], or sometimes known by the literal translation: Seven Killings. As its name suggests, this is an authoritative star that reflects a dominant nature and strong fighting spirit. People with the Imposing Authority [七杀] traits are assertive and influential with great self-discipline, which almost guarantees one to be at the top of one’s game.

For those who have watched Miss Americana – a Netflix documentary on Taylor Swift, you’d know that Swift is indeed a multi-talented, multi-faceted and astoundingly hard-working individual. To prepare her body (and lungs) for the Eras tour, Taylor Swift revealed that she spent hours on the treadmill every day, belting out the 44-song setlist and even gave up drinking alcohol entirely.

People with the Imposing Authority [七杀] are often misunderstood or may have a notorious reputation that does not befit their true nature. Despite her tremendous success, Taylor Swift has not been immune to the controversies and rumours that have haunted her career. As her Bazi suggests, it could be wise to take Swift’s related news with a pinch of salt.

Talented and full of emotions

Interestingly, the pop star’s Bazi harbours both the Implicit Talent [食神] and Explicit Talent [伤官]. The former relates to an expression of talents, which demonstrates the day master’s potential.

People with a strong presence of Implicit Talent [食神] tend to be expressive, eloquent and multi-talented. S/he places importance on life pleasures such as music and the arts, and stresses on the balance between spiritual and material needs. Such individuals are also sentimental souls that may find it hard to hide their emotions. Perhaps this explains how Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends inspired her music.

On the other hand, the Explicit Talent [伤官] denotes superb learning skills and great talents (again!). Individuals with this star are innovative, romantic and witty. Nevertheless, they can be non-conforming and wilful at times.

Also, while these traits are beneficial to one’s career, influences from the Implicit Talent [食神] and Explicit Talent [伤官] denote certain challenges in relationships. Coupled with the Imposing Authority [七杀] that indicates a strong personality, Taylor Swift’s relationships are likely to bring her pressure as much as they bring her joy.

Great support from parents

It is no secret that Taylor Swift’s parents, Scott Swift and Andrea Swift, have been her biggest support system since the early days of her career. In fact, the Swift family moved to Nashville to help kickstart Taylor Swift’s career when she was a mere teenager. The great support from Swift’s parents is reflected in her Bazi chart.

As mentioned earlier, Taylor Swift’s Day Master is Ding [丁] of the Yin Fire element, often associated with a candle in the daylight or weak fire. Nevertheless, she is born in the year of the Snake – represented by the Yang Fire element, Bing [丙] – which lends strength to her Day Master.

In Bazi, the Year pillar represents Grandparents and Parents. The Bing [丙] Fire in her chart supports the Ding [丁] Fire, injecting great confidence and motivation for Swift to take on new challenges and projects. That could explain why this successful musician is often accompanied by her parents since her debut as a teenager.

How Luck Pillars indicate luck, happenings and events

A Bazi chart can also reveal the lucky periods and cycles in one’s life. Based on Swift’s Bazi chart, her career started thriving as she entered the cycle with the favourable Wood element in the Luck Pillar of 19-28 (戊寅). At present, she is in the Luck Pillar of 29-38 (己卯), which reflects favourable growth.

Following this, the next three luck cycles that are Dragon, Snake, and Horse of the Earth, Fire, and Fire elements respectively are also in her favour. This means that she can thrive for the following 15 years and more.

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