Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 4th Apr – 4th May 2024

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Published: 5 Apr 2024

It is best to handle the deteriorating relationship between the West and China with caution. With increased seismic activity this month, it is important to proceed cautiously and avoid acting hastily. As Europe is prone to unrest, travellers in this region should be mindful of their safety.


With good luck this month, work has stabilised and it is time to lead your team confidently towards success. Dedicated to work, you are more charismatic than ever, and this shall further secure your fortune. When overseas, watch your step to avoid falls or sprains.


Easily irritated by trivial matters, consider exercising with friends more to relax. This can improve your health too. Spouses should practise mutual respect and open discussions instead of acting alone. You can accumulate merits by doing more charity, which shall enhance your luck.


When paying respects to your ancestors, try to control your emotions and avoid overthinking. If there is a chance to work overseas, grab hold of the opportunity as it is a potential springboard for promotion and salary increment. Mind your diet and avoid food that is spicy or hard to digest.


Your negative emotions may cause you to get impatient with your partner. Spouses should practise mutual tolerance and communication. With a better understanding of your partner’s woes, you can reduce disputes and misunderstandings. Staying up late will affect your liver and make you irritable, so try to sleep early.


During the Qing Ming Festival, you’d feel lonely amidst fluctuating emotions. Consider joining interest groups to meet like-minded friends and for self-cultivation. Businesspeople must learn to retreat in order to advance. Don’t follow trends blindly or expand your business hastily, or you risk getting into unnecessary financial crises.


Calm thinking can help you overcome life challenges easily. While you have the ability to take the helm, listening to your predecessors can lead you to breakthrough ideas. Married people must not be too friendly towards the opposite gender, or you may attract unnecessary romance disputes.


Staying optimistic and smiling often can attract good fortune and turn misfortune around. With average wealth luck this month, stay down-to-earth and focus on your career instead of trying your luck at gambling or buying lottery tickets. Mind your words when partaking in tomb-sweeping activities.


Teamwork is important in the workplace. Discuss with your colleagues to come up with solutions when facing difficult problems. Being blindly persistent will only lead to inefficiency and fatigue. If you drink, don’t drive. Put safety first to avoid harming others and yourself.


Leisure gambling with friends is common during the Lunar New Year, but huge bets are not advisable. Mind your words when interacting with others. To keep collaborations amicable, be humble and tactful. Drivers must abide by traffic rules. Avoid speeding, beating red lights or parking illegally.


As luck improves, problems in life will gradually be resolved. Don’t hesitate to seek help from benefactors around you. They can help you to overcome challenges. Your friend will introduce a good business opportunity. Evaluate the business and potential partner carefully. Don’t be too quick to accept their invitation.


Amidst fluctuating wealth luck, observe carefully and don’t act recklessly when investing. With detailed financial planning, you can control your budget and reduce unnecessary expenditures. Anxiety may easily lead to physical and mental exhaustion, resulting in illnesses over time. Share your feelings with your family to overcome difficulties together.


Being hands-on is good, but you must know how to delegate tasks, or risk being overwhelmed by work and compromising your health. Communication is the key to maintaining good marital ties. Instead of dwelling on negative emotions, share your feelings and find ways to get along with each other.  


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