The Easy Fengshui Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Home


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Being a homeowner is one of life’s major milestones. Amidst the excitement, there is much to consider beyond location, price and size. One important aspect is fengshui, and it should be taken into consideration right from the start. 

Whether you are planning to choose a BTO flat or private property, or if you are already a proud homeowner, this easy home fengshui guide will set you on the right track to select and determine your ideal home.

There are 4 main home fengshui consideration factors, namely the home direction, Bazi suitability, shape and luck cycle. Read on to learn how each of these factors can help in harmonising living spaces and make a difference in your life.


1. Pay attention to your home direction

The main direction or orientation of your home plays an important role in welcoming opportunities and harmonising your space. It has a direct influence on your overall luck and that of your household members. This home orientation is also important in performing accurate fengshui analyses for potential fengshui enhancements or remedies. 

The facing of your home can usually be measured from the main entrance where qi flows in. However, depending on the type of house, the area to measure home orientation may differ. Here’s a rough guide on how to determine your home facing based on different house type:

  • Landed properties: Main gate
  • Apartment where main door and balcony/main window run in a straight line: Main door
  • Apartment where main door is perpendicular to the balcony/main window: Balcony/main window

If unsure, it is best to consult a professional fengshui practitioner. A home with good fengshui would attract positive energy, and this in turn brings health, wealth and good luck to the homeowner. 

While there is no fixed auspicious direction that caters to everyone, you may like to consider a unit that faces the North or South, as both are auspicious directions in the upcoming Period 9 and Period 1 (years 2024 – 2063).

In addition, the direction you choose will affect the amount and timing of sunlight and ventilation (qi flow) at home. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, these would affect your comfort level at home. 

Did you know that the afternoon sun is in the Northwest during March to September and in the Southwest from September to March in Singapore? This means that the sun will be shining into West-facing units for larger parts of the day, and further renovation needs to be considered to make the space more cooling. 

While paying attention to the direction of your home, don’t forget about ventilation. Qi tends to stagnate in cluttered or busy spaces, and it moves slower if there are obstacles. An open space in front of the house separates your home from other buildings and creates a welcoming path for positive energy to flow into your home.


2. Ensure Bazi suitability

Have you ever come across stories of individuals who were extremely unlucky since moving into their new premises? How about those who seem to have Lady Luck smiling on them, i.e. winning the lottery for their house number, getting promoted and enjoying family harmony?

Be it for work or choosing a suitable life partner, you’ve always heard about people seeking the ‘right fit’. Similarly, when it comes to choosing an ideal home, having the ‘right fit’ or in this case, Bazi suitability, ensures smoother progress in all aspects of your life. 

Bazi (also known as the Eight Characters) refers to your birth details, which is kind of like your unique blueprint for life – revealing what works and what doesn’t for you. By understanding your Bazi and ensuring that it fits in with that of your new home, you shall be able to maximise potentials while diminishing negative impacts. Feel free to check out our free Bazi analysis tool here or get a Home Fengshui Evaluation for just $88 (usual price $188) now!


3. Go over the floor plan again

While this sounds like a no-brainer, the layout and shape of your home is directly linked to the stability and harmony of your household. You want to ensure that your living spaces don’t have missing sectors, and energy can flow smoothly around all sectors.

A square or rectangle layout is most ideal, but take note not to mistake it with long and narrow rectangular homes as such a layout is not ideal for accumulating wealth. Money may come and go rapidly – definitely a no-no! 

You may also want to be careful of units with missing sectors/corners, e.g. L-shape/Z-shape/home with a central atrium, as these odd-shaped homes indicate potential tension and disharmony within the family, which may even lead to a breakup or divorce. 

A round or circular building is not recommended for residential use, as the intense energy can affect health and relationships. A triangular layout not only causes interior design headaches, but it is also associated with the Fire element and indicates lack of rest for the home occupants. 

The layout of your home is important, but if your choices are limited or if you already are living in an odd-shaped home, there are fengshui remedies to alleviate the negative energies while promoting potential benefits. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult a professional fengshui practitioner

4. Timing matters

Timing is everything – this applies to home fengshui too. Besides looking at the fengshui periods and corresponding factors such as the auspicious direction, renovating and moving in your home at the right date and time can maximise the effectiveness of the entire process. 

Hence, you should select an auspicious date and time prior to these events. Check out our free calendar here, or feel free to download the Way Almanac here or for auspicious dates and timing on-the-go.


Need help with your home fengshui?

For a limited time only, Way Fengshui is providing a Home Fengshui Evaluation for just $88 (usual price $188) to help prospective and existing homeowners evaluate the compatibility of your home fengshui with you and your family members’ Bazi. Evaluate now!

This report includes: 

  • Direction Analysis
  • Bazi Suitability Analysis
  • Shape Analysis
  • Luck Cycle Analysis
  • Final Results and Recommendations
  • FAQ


Maintaining home fengshui for optimal benefits

Like most things in life, the universal rule lies in maintenance. Selecting your ideal home with fengshui considerations is just one of the first steps. To ensure that you and your household members thrive in your living spaces, it is important to plan ahead and maintain the positive energies within your home.  

Every year, the Flying Stars and Influential Stars will rotate and determine the luck cycles of different households. A visiting star would dominate over others and occupy the Central Palace. The inherent traits of this particular star epitomise events and happenings for the year, which will in turn affect our home and household members in areas such as health, wealth, relationships, career, academics, happiness, etc.

For those who are already homeowners, you can also tap on the potential benefits of the yearly luck cycle of your home. Learn how here!


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