Dos & Don’ts When Moving House!

Dos & Don’ts When Moving House!

Selected an auspicious date for moving house? What must you do or watch out for when shifting into your new premises? The Moving House Ceremony comprises the Setting of Altar and Wish-Making Ceremony.

Owning a new home is a joyous and important life event. Besides performing the Door Opening Ceremony after you received your keys and selecting an auspicious date for moving house, there are more that you can do to ensure smooth and harmonious living in your new abode. Read on to find out more!

Prior to the Moving House Ceremony (setting altar and making wishes), do be mindful of:

  1. All items, except the following, can be shifted into your new premises:
  • Used bed and/or mattress
  • Used cookware
  • Used clothes
  1. Avoid cooking or staying overnight at your new house

Moving House Ceremony “Procedure for Setting of Altar”

**The setting of altar is optional, based on the preference of individual household. Those who do not intend to set up an altar may proceed directly to the procedure for Wish-Making Ceremony.

  1. Before the selected date for setting altar, you may bring the god’s statue to your new premises. Regardless of whether it is new or old, the statue needs to be covered by red paper. At the new home entrance, either the owner or one of the family members (ensure that his/her zodiac is not in clash) should walk backwards into the house while carrying the statue. S/he may turn around upon entering the home. The god statue can be placed on the altar but do not remove the red paper.
  2. On the day of setting altar, remove the red paper at the recommended timing (advised beforehand) and arrange the incense, candles and ritual offerings on the altar.
  3. Burn the incense at the specific time indicated by Way OnNet’s feng shui master. The sequence for praying begins with: Heavenly Gods, Deities, Earth God, Kitchen God and ancestors.
  4. After praying, please proceed to make a wish. Refer to Procedures for Making Wish for more details.

Note: If you are engaging a professional to help with the setting of altar, the ritual may differ according to the person-in-charge. However, the homeowner should pray again based on the advised time by Way OnNet feng shui master, followed by making wishes.

Moving House Ceremony “Procedure for Wish-Making Ceremony”

  1. For WON clients: You and your partner should hold the pre-distributed ancient coins and face the designated direction to make 3 wishes each. For those who have not engaged a feng shui master, you can get the ancient coins here. You and your partner can make your wishes while facing the main entrance. Individuals may also follow your own religions and practices to pray and make wishes.
  2. After making wishes, place the ancient coins as well as some loose change in a money bank at your Wealth Position (How to identify wealth position?) and the ceremony is completed. You may now shift into your new home. (Money bank, ancient coins and loose change should be prepared beforehand)
  3. To boost wealth luck, it is recommended to drop some coins into the money bank on a daily basis.
  4. When the money bank is full, collect the money and save it in a bank. Return the ancient coin to the money bank and resume saving. There is no need to make wishes again.

Note: It is unadvisable for pregnant women to participate in the Wish-Making Ceremony.