What You Should Know About the Five Yellow Star in 2022


The Five Yellow Star – some called it evil or wicked, others name it as an affliction. But what exactly is it and what does it have to do with you? In fengshui, it is believed that different stars govern the eight major directions each year, influencing the luck cycle. In 2022, the Five Yellow Star is in power and every household will be affected. Read on to learn home fengshui tips and all you need to know about the Five Yellow Star!


What is The Five Yellow Star?

The Five Yellow Star is often treated with extra caution as it is known to be a disaster star that brings calamity and trouble wherever it goes. Hence, it is no wonder that it also carries the title of being a major unlucky star. Experienced fengshui practitioners will advise you to “pacify” the Five Yellow Star or there will be dire consequences.

On the other hand, Five Yellow is not all bad as it is a leadership star in essence. It can aid in enhanced productivity and ability, allowing one to excel in all aspects. That is, if you know how to mitigate the tricky Five Yellow Star and its negative effects. To make or break 2022, it is still up to you.


How will the Five Yellow Star affect you in 2022?

2022 is known as the Year of the Five Yellow Star. This calls for extra caution as the Five Yellow Star occupies the Central Palace of each household. This refers to the centre of your home or office

As mentioned earlier, the Five Yellow Star is a major unlucky star and you don’t want to incur its wrath. Otherwise, sudden disasters, illnesses or accidents may befall you, your household members or colleagues. Well, practically anyone in the household or workplace. It will strike when you least expect it. Misfortunes aside, workplace challenges and relationship issues can arise and threaten to overwhelm you. 


Who needs to pay special attention?

Truth to be told, everyone needs to be on their guard. In addition to that, those who are born in the year of the Monkey and Dog must be on even higher alert! Be mindful when you’re outdoors and try not to partake in risky sports. Stay calm and plan well if you encounter obstacles.  

Those whose home faces the South and North will also be down on their luck, and big-scaled events and renovations should be avoided. Be extra mindful of your speech and actions if your home faces North. This is because the Three Killing Star (三煞) is present. You may want to consider a Yearly Residential Fengshui Analysis.


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How to make 2022 a better year for you and your loved ones?

Your best option is to mitigate the threats of Five Yellow Star. To do so, you should keep activities to a minimum in the Central Palace. Avoid hosting major celebrations or groundbreaking activities too. If need be, find an alternative venue for your event.

Always take precautions to resolve or reduce the negative influences, especially in the Central Palace. That means no quarreling or disputes. This is a time that calls for family unity. Be prepared to put in greater effort this year. All family members must learn to show mutual respect and humility. You may also want to read this for 5 things to pay attention to in your living room for a harmonious household. 

Always think twice before acting and pay extra attention to all matters. Be it at home or in your workplace, bear in mind that harmony begets prosperity. Stay principled in everything that you do, and all should be fine. 

To stabilise your Central Palace, you can use Metal element items such as metal products and white or gold colours. You may also consider displaying Way Fengshui’s specially designed emblem, Guardian Stars, shaped with a circular ring to trap the Five Yellow within its frame, and prevent the negative influences from slipping into the other living spaces. 



Engraved with 28 constellations around the ring to symbolise safety and protection from misfortunes, Guardian Stars contains metal to weaken and resolve the negative influences of the Five Yellow Star. With its simple and sophisticated design, this elegant emblem can easily blend into different environments as a decorative piece while providing quiet protection. 

If you’re displaying it at home, it is best placed in the living room beside the television (or any big electronic devices) as that is where the magnetic field is the most unstable. In addition, Guardian Stars can help to reduce stress, negativity and ward against unscrupulous people. Learn more here.

Further to the abovementioned, the Five Yellow Star signifies authority and dislikes change. Hence, don’t try to challenge your superior or make any controversial moves. Being too eager for success and acting impulsively can lead to dire consequences such as losing the trust of your superior.

This year, keep a low profile and try to maintain the status quo. Mitigating the negative effects of the Five Yellow Star shall allow you to make significant progress in all aspects, with enhanced productivity and ability. As you look forward to the arrival of 2022, remember that small steps can make big changes.



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