Relationship Stars (桃花): How to Improve Your Relationships in 2022


Set on making 2022 a better year? Get ready to activate the Relationship Stars (桃花)

The years of this pandemic are hauntingly similar. It seems 2020 passed the baton to 2021 for being “the worst year ever”, “the year of breakups”, and the list goes on. If you haven’t figured it out, here’s the key: it all boils down to healthy relationships

Note: this is not an article on free relationship advice. It is your fengshui cheat sheet for 2022 with tips on how to activate the Relationship Stars (桃花)


What are Relationship Stars (桃花)?

Relationship Stars (桃花), commonly known as peach blossom stars, are influential stars in fengshui practices. Similar to Venus representing love and relationships in astrology, the Relationship Stars (桃花) in fengshui are crucial to one’s love life and interpersonal relationships.

Activating the stars can boost your romance luck and relationships with family, friends, business partners, colleagues, etc. On the flip side, abusing the effects of the Relationship Stars (桃花) could draw ruin upon oneself. (Cringe!) Read on to have a better understanding of these important stars.  


Why are Relationship Stars (桃花) so important in 2022?

2022 marks the Year of the Water Tiger, with strong Water and Wood elements ruled by the Five Yellow Authority Star. Akin to a training ground in a dense forest, a challenging and competitive landscape lies ahead. Grit and determination are necessary to power through the year. That plus all the good luck and support from loved ones and friends. 

In fengshui, it is believed that different stars govern the 8 major directions each year, influencing the luck cycle. Learning which stars to activate or avoid can help you to sail through the year. Coincidentally, the Relationship Stars (桃花) are located in the East and West, which happen to be the best directions in 2022. Activating these stars can help to boost your romance luck and interpersonal relationships. 


Activate for success in love and business

Wondering why it is so hard to meet someone in 2021? Well, time to move ahead in 2022. You’d need the aid of the Zheng Tao Hua Relationship Star for a higher chance of getting together with your love interest and ample business opportunities. 

In 2022, the Seven Scarlet and Da Li Major Prosperity stars reside with the Zheng Tao Hua Relationship Star in the West. Hence, consider activating this direction in your home or bedroom to boost your luck in the aforementioned matters.

You should also take a more proactive stance in socialising. Consider making friends with people from all walks of life, and get acquainted with more professionals from different industries. Nothing is gained without real effort, hence you should work hard in addition to getting the boost from the Zheng Tao Hua Relationship Star.  


Activate for happiness and fulfilment in marriage

Did you see the news about more couples seeking counselling, and how domestic violence is on the rise? The pandemic has been tough on everyone. Let’s make 2022 work better. 

The Pian Tao Hua Relationship Star can promote happiness and fulfilment in one’s marriage. Coincidentally, it resides with the Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star (you may meet benefactors when socialising with strangers) in the East in 2022. Both stars are located in the East with many auspicious stars.

Hence, activating this direction at home or in the bedroom is beneficial for married couples, and singles shall have a higher chance of finding their significant others. The Three Jade and Da Li Major Prosperity stars can also help to attract the right people and promote mutual growth. On your part, you must pay extra attention to your actions to maintain harmony with people around you.

How to activate the Relationship Stars (桃花)?



Simply display a vase or Roaring Fortitude in the West or East of your house or bedroom to boost charisma and romance luck, as well as strengthen your relationships. 

Specially designed by Way Fengshui, Roaring Fortitude is a source of motivation and positive influence. You can boost your charisma, confidence and cultivate nurturing relationships simply by displaying this unique emblem at home or in your bedroom. Hit the drumsticks against the small circles on the drum skin to create positive energy and welcome good fortune.

Inspired by Chinese traditional drumming, Roaring Fortitude is a hallmark of prosperity and celebration, with the ability to unite people through collective rhythm and pace. For a limited time only, enjoy 10% off storewide online purchases. Get Roaring Fortitude here today!


Who should activate the Relationship Stars (桃花)?

Anyone who wants to improve their romance luck and interpersonal relationships should definitely consider activating the Relationship Stars (桃花) if you fulfil the following requirements: 

  • If your house’s main direction faces East or West
  • If your living room and/or bedrooms are situated in the East or West

In addition, those with the zodiac of Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat and Pig can consider activating these directions as well, to aid  you in advancing and maintaining your social relations. 

Note: It is not recommended for certain zodiac signs or houses to activate the stars. If you wish to activate the stars but are unsure of how to proceed, please check with a professional fengshui practitioner.


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