Which Primary School Suits My Child’s Bazi?

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Published: 13 Jun 2023


Primary 1 is an important milestone for children as they start their formal learning journey and make new friends. Do you have a child who is going to Primary 1 soon? If your child is born in 2017, you can register him/her for admission in 2024 from 4th July 2023! 

Some schools are known to be stricter, some have Special Assistance Plan (SAP) while others may have representation in the Singapore National School Games, etc. As every child is unique and learns differently, a suitable environment that matches his/her strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, etc can make a great difference in your child’s learning journey. 

Bazi, also known as the Eight Characters or Four Pillars of Destiny, is a form of Chinese astrology that looks into the unique set of characteristics surrounding the date and hour of one’s birth. We know how tough parenting can be, so here’s sharing the personality traits of children born in 2017 to help you choose a suitable school environment and activities for your soon-to-be Primary 1 child.  


Personality traits and recommendations for those born in 2017

As Confucius said, By three methods we may learn wisdom. First, by reflection, which is noblest. Second, by imitation, which is easiest. And third, by experience, which is the bitterest. 


1 Jan – 2 Feb 2017

Children born in this month tend to be scholarly and strong in creative thinking. An immersive learning environment would be ideal to cultivate your child’s learning interest as well as aid him/her in acquiring problem-solving skills. 

As s/he has the innate qualities for public speaking, theatre arts, debate, etc. parents may want to point your child towards co-curricular activities (CCA) such as the drama club – available at select schools, e.g. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School – or toastmasters programme, e.g. Waterway Primary School.  


3 Feb – 4 Mar 2017

If your child is born in this month, you would probably agree with us when we say your child is smart but can be lazy. With the right environment, they can unleash their full potential and thrive in their learning journey.

Parents may want to consider environments with stricter discipline or primary schools with greater focus on character development (e.g. Innova Primary School). Should your child have the interest, you can also encourage them to join a uniformed group CCA. 


5 Mar – 3 Apr 2017

Those born in this month are an active bunch! To help them stay focused and learn effectively, they would require a conducive environment that fosters creative learning. Parents can also consider getting their child to participate in sports, but avoid those that involve too much body contact. 

A coed school can be beneficial as boys and girls learn alongside, which enables them to broaden their horizons and skill set by learning from the perspectives and behaviour of both genders (e.g. Nanyang Primary School, Rulang Primary School, Tao Nan School). 


4 Apr – 4 May 2017

Flexible and creative, those born in this month are quick thinkers. Their adaptability allows them to thrive in most environments although they are prone to careless mistakes. 

When choosing a suitable primary school for your little one, parents may want to consider a collaborative learning environment with focus on problem solving. If your child shows interest in coding, you may also consider enrolling them for enrichment programmes in coding and robotics beyond the mandatory lessons at school. 


5 May – 4 Jun 2017

Being quick learners, those born during this month are eloquent speakers who can thrive well in a fast-paced environment. If your child shows interest, you may want to consider a school with a SAP programme. 

For more positive peer learning, they can participate in CCA that fosters greater interactions, i.e. toastmaster programme, uniformed groups, visual or performing arts groups, etc. 


5 Jun – 6 Jul 2017

Children born in this month are prone to a hasty temper, which may affect their learning journey and peer relationships. Parents may want to consider environments with greater focus on character development or primary schools that are strong in sports (e.g. Anglo-Chinese School, Methodist Girls’ School, etc.). 

Getting your child to participate in group sports can help him/her expend excess energy, which aids in easing his/her irritability, as well as learn how to better interact with others. 


7 Jul – 6 Aug 2017

Being a free spirit, those born in this month are independent thinkers who prefer to be unfettered. While nurturing imagination and creativity is important, discipline is required to help young minds shape the right values. 

As such, parents may consider stricter environments that focus on character development or primary schools that are strong in the arts. You can also encourage your child to join a visual or performing arts group.  


7 Aug – 6 Sep 2017

Boys and girls born in this month are skilled in writing, and they can excel in content creation and the arts. To cultivate their strengths, parents can encourage your child to read more or consider joining the Library Club or Arts Club. 

Being in an immersive learning environment will also help to further nurture your child’s imagination. As they say, this is what dreams are made of.


7 Sep – 7 Oct 2017

Children born this month are musically gifted and artistic. Parents may want to choose a primary school wisely to further cultivate your child’s creative flair instead of stifling their talents in a constrained environment. 

These children have exceptional listening skills, which can aid them in their learning journey when put to good use. Suitable CCAs include the choir or performing arts. 


8 Oct – 6 Nov 2017

With the ability to think outside the box, children born this month have a strong character and could possibly be gifted. Parents may want to monitor your child and consider him/her for the Gifted Education Programme or competitions such as Math Olympiad, Science Challenge etc. if s/he shows strong aptitude. 

On the other hand, these children need to cultivate their social skills as well, and they can do so through joining uniformed groups or group sports activities. 


7 Nov – 6 Dec 2017

Children born this month are active and carefree. While they dislike restrictions, they can excel when working with others, i.e. in group projects. Newer primary schools that encourage open-mindedness and focus on empowering students while instilling discipline will best suit these independent little ones.  

Parents can also consider encouraging your child to participate in unique sports such as artistic swimming or Tchoukball to help your child grow in skill and character. 


7 Dec – 31 Dec 2017

Children born in this month are smart and carefree. Being romantic idealists, they are prone to puppy love, which may cause them to be easily distracted in their learning journey. With proper guidance in environments that focus on character development, these children can cultivate knowledge and wisdom to help them excel academically and in life.

Parents may want to encourage their child to join more group sports activities or performing arts groups to expend their energy and reduce distractions in their learning journey. 


Bazi analysis: Which schools to choose for Primary 1 in 2024?

There’s much to consider when selecting a primary school for your child, and it definitely goes beyond school ranking and popularity. Still wondering how to prepare your child for Primary one? 

Remember, it is important to choose a suitable school environment that enables your little one to learn happily and foster the right values. Before shifting premises to be near one of the elite schools of your choice, consider a Bazi analysis to identify factors that can help you to choose the ideal learning environment and suggested activities for your child.

Way Fengshui provides a complimentary Bazi chart generator here where you can easily generate your child’s Bazi to get an overall idea of his/her strengths and weaknesses. For a more comprehensive analysis, you can also book a consultation for Bazi Reading and unleash your child’s greatest potential!