All About Babies Born In 7th Jul – 7th Aug 2023

Published: 22 June 2023


Babies born between 7 July and 7 August 2023 are extremely energetic individuals. Bold and determined, they possess outstanding leadership qualities and are adept at creating opportunities. They are strong-willed individuals with a reformative spirit that aids them to create breakthroughs in difficult situations. A chivalrous person at heart, they like to help the disadvantaged. They are likely to be respected by their children and subordinates. 

However, their impulsive nature may cause them to act or speak recklessly, offending others unintentionally. Consider getting your child to exercise more to expend his or her excessive energy.


Suitable Career Choices

Babies born this month will grow to excel in the following fields:

  • Athlete
  • Pilot
  • Police officer
  • Soldier
  • Surgeon


With your child’s hot body constitution, pay greater attention to the kidney, gastrointestinal and digestive systems.


Fengshui Tips

  • Preferred Five Elements (Suitable strokes):  Water, Wood
  • Lucky Directions: North, East
  • Lucky Colours: Blue, Black, Green


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