Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 7th Jul – 7th Aug 2023


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This month, you are especially prone to getting involved in arguments. It is best to handle them calmly to prevent the situation from worsening. Travelling should be enjoyable, so avoid forcing yourself to do any activities that you are uncomfortable with. Europe and China should work to resolve friction between themselves peacefully. This month is ideal for marriage and business collaborations. 


Additional income will bring you great joy. That said, plan your finances properly. Otherwise, schemers may influence you to spend unnecessarily. Amidst your busy work schedule, remember to spend time with your family and strengthen your bonds through gatherings or doing activities together.


Increased work stress may cause you to easily lose sleep or be distracted. Avoid thinking about work before going to bed. Instead, try to relax by listening to soothing music or doing meditation. This month, avoid visiting patients at the hospital or their homes.


Doing the same thing repeatedly can be numbing. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Be it kicking a bad habit or exercising daily, you can transform yourself if you are willing to make changes.


It is time to kickstart your long-awaited plans in this smooth-sailing month. You will find important business partners with help from benefactors. Play your cards well to avoid misjudgments and major losses in investments. Singles should join more networking events to meet like-minded individuals.


You are happy to lend a helping hand to friends in need. You should verify all information on hand before investing or making finance-related decisions. Do not be blinded by greed and make hasty decisions. Keep the big picture in mind and do things orderly instead of taking risky leaps.


Instead of dwelling on negative emotions when you encounter problems, consider confiding in your loved ones. Doing so can make you feel better and resolve the issues at hand. Pay attention to the elderly at home. Arrange for a medical checkup promptly if they feel unwell.


Staying at home all day can be boring. To spice up your life, make an effort to dress up and chill with your good friends during the weekends. Singles who wish to be in a relationship can consider exercising outdoors frequently, where they are likely to meet a potential partner. 


You may easily quarrel with your loved ones as things get out of your control and make you irritable. Instead of thinking too much, stay composed and share your thoughts to make peace with your family. Consider taking up yoga to calm your mind and relieve tension.


Do not flaunt your valuables. Keep a low profile when travelling overseas, otherwise you may suffer monetary losses. Quarrels between couples often stem from misunderstandings. Share your thoughts if you have any doubts so that both parties can work together to resolve the issue.


You can gain greater clarity of mind and improve your skills by reading more and learning new things. Remember to switch off and unplug electrical appliances after use. A cold may seem like a minor ailment but overlooking it will cause your health to suffer. Seek medical treatment early.


Think twice before lending money to your friend as misplaced trust can lead to trouble. You should go for medical checkups if you feel unwell. Toxic rumours in the workplace will affect your mood. Adjust your mentality and prove your capability through actions. Everything will blow over soon.


Control your temper and emotions when collaborating with others. Avoid quarrelling over small matters. Instead of being unhappy that your superior does not value you, refocus your efforts on learning and self-improvement to achieve better results.


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