How to excel in exams in 2023 based on your Zodiac sign?​


Published: 18 October 2023



Whether you’re an ambitious Rat, a hardworking Ox, or quick-witted Monkey, your Chinese Zodiac sign can reveal your personality and learning patterns! With this knowledge, students can apply the right study strategies to improve academic performance and make the learning process more fun.

Making the final dash to excel in exams in 2023? In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to study smarter and better based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. Fengshui tips included! Read on!


If you belong to the Rat zodiac…

2023 Learning: 80%



You are likely to be intelligent and resourceful. With your ambitious nature and strong adaptability, you are capable of achieving good grades – that is if you can stay focused and not be distracted by matters of the heart this year. Students must keep in mind not to cross the line with friends of the opposite gender, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble.

Empowered by lucky stars this year, students of the Rat zodiac should make the most of your good fortune instead of thinking about shortcuts to success. While there may be obstacles in your learning journey, you can overcome them with help from your parents and teachers, and also learn beyond the classroom.

To study effectively, ensure that you are in a conducive environment that is free of clutter. Having a clear study objective for each study session will also help you stay focused on the subject matter and avoid any irrelevant distractions. Strive on!

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If you belong to the Ox zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



Your diligence and strong determination are your best strengths. This year, students of the Ox zodiac will be able to display your full potential in your studies with many outstanding peers to spur you on. However, you may feel anxious as they always do better. Remember, grades do not define you. Try to relax, concentrate on your strengths and give yourself a pat on the shoulder for each small win.

Aided by the Achievement Star this year, you shall be able to achieve outstanding results. Remember to pace yourself well and maintain your health while working towards your study goals.

Getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and exercising regularly are the simple steps that will help create better conditions for your brains to think and process information. Instead of studying to the point of exhaustion, which could impede your learning rather than enhance it, be sure to get sufficient rest and have fun once in a while!


To get greater insights to your (child’s) personality and resonating study methods, feel free to generate a free Bazi report here!

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If you belong to the Tiger zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



You are likely to be active, ambitious and adventurous. You are bold enough to venture into uncharted waters, which could be rewarding if you are lucky. While you are able to handle anything that comes along, you must prioritise to avoid having too much on your plate, otherwise your academic performance will be affected.

This year, you may encounter disagreements when working on assignments with your classmates. Try to express your thoughts calmly, and keep an open mind when interacting with others. Your learning journey will be more pleasant and effective, as you maintain good relations with your peers. You should also follow school rules to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Revision is key for students of the Tiger zodiac sign, who may be prone to overconfidence. Before you protest, practising your knowledge can be a fun way to learn with peers as you quiz each other on upcoming exam topics!

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If you belong to the Rabbit zodiac…

2023 Learning: 80%



Some people believe you are the luckiest of all the Chinese zodiac! Calm and modest, students of the Rabbit zodiac thrive in social settings with their ability to get along well with others. While you have an eye for details, staying focused and organised are not your strong suits. Conventional learning methods are likely to bore you, and studying can be a chore if you don’t find creative ways to stay engaged.

While those of the Rabbit zodiac are in clash with the Grand Duke this year, you are aided by the Academic Star, which promises you the potential of aceing your exams as long as you put in effort. To improve learning luck, display the Pagoda of Wisdom facing East (90°) or the Wen Chang direction based on your Bazi.

Don’t let negative emotions or self-doubt deter you from trying new things, as there is always new knowledge and insights to be gained from each experience. Try your best and you may gain unexpected rewards!

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If you belong to the Dragon zodiac…

2023 Learning: 80%



Gifted with innate courage, intelligence and tenacity, those who belong to the Dragon zodiac tend to be ambitious and full of vitality. You are a risk taker who strives for perfection, and prefers to plan and act alone.

Nonetheless, no man is an island. Students of the Dragon zodiac should be aware that peer learning has a significant effect on improving academic achievement, and you can benefit much by engaging with your peers and studying together. A fun way to engage with your classmates is to partake in roleplaying or celebrating small wins together.

This year, the key lies in making gradual improvements rather than speed learning. When interacting with your peers, you shall liven up the atmosphere and gain knowledge beyond the classroom. Don’t brood over subjects that you did not do well in the previous assessments, as long as you learn from your mistakes. Remember to lend a helping hand to others when they are in need.

In the coming year 2024, students of the Dragon zodiac will be taking their PSLE. Whether you are a parent or student, it’s never too early to prepare for this major milestone. So, download 2024 ProsperGuide now to see how you will fare in the coming year!

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If you belong to the Snake zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



You already know that you are intelligent and enterprising. Highly aware and perceptive, you are a logical thinker who tends to have great insights on many life aspects, including your studies. Despite a dip in luck this year, your ability to deal with stress has improved and you can still make stable progress.

Dedicated to your studies, you actively complete the tasks given by your teachers while maintaining above-average grades. As the exam period approaches, don’t hesitate to consult your teachers or peers if you have any doubts. Remember that thorough revision is the key to getting a solid grasp of the concepts taught.

To make revisions fun and more effective, consider changing information into a flow diagram or even a comic strip! Using mind maps to summarise a topic can also help you to better retain crucial concepts. With the Voyager Star and Star of Aid, you are more motivated and socially adept this year, so stay open to new learning methods and good luck!

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If you belong to the Horse zodiac…

2023 Learning: 80%



It is believed that people born in the year of the Horse are natural leaders. You tend to be full of energy, motivated and always exploring something new. Blessed by lucky stars this year, your parents are reassured by your excellent grades and sing your praises, increasing your enthusiasm for learning. Continue to strive on and accept the advice from your teachers or peers politely, as they have your best interests at heart. Don’t let overconfidence slow down your academic progress.

At times impatient, you can be quick to lose your temper and get frustrated when studying. To enhance your learning ability, you may want to display the Pagoda of Wisdom on your study desk in the direction of East (90°) or in the Wen Chang direction based on your Bazi

In addition, draw a clear line with your classmates to prevent misunderstandings. Don’t jump to conclusions based on rumours you hear in school. As you strive towards your study goals, remember to take time to relax and have sufficient rest.

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If you belong to the Goat zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



You are a planner with great inner resilience. Beyond their gentle disposition, those born in the year of the Goat are creative and resourceful. You tend to be a stable learner, but are prone to mood swings that cause you to think negatively.

This year, you may find yourself spending more time in school, and leading a vibrant campus life. Amidst your classes and extracurricular activities, you must study hard and allocate your time appropriately for revision. If you need help for better planning, don’t hesitate to approach your parents or teachers.

With the Star of Arts, this year is full of opportunities to display your talents. You are encouraged to volunteer in events and gain knowledge beyond the classroom, but don’t forget to prioritise your studies, especially amidst the approaching final exams. To ensure good academic performance, take more practice tests ahead of time, and give your body sufficient rest the night before your exams.

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If you belong to the Monkey zodiac…

2023 Learning: 80%



You have the gift of the gab and good listening skills that can aid you in your learning journey. Self-assured and curious, you tend to learn more quickly than others. Nothing stands in your way when you have a goal in sight, which makes setting the right study goals for those of the Monkey zodiac extremely important! 

Competitive by nature, you have been working hard this year and your grades remain excellent. Continue to strive for your final assessments! This year, opportunities abound for those of the Monkey zodiac. Be it to further studies or internships, your application to the relevant institution will be successful. Remember to show gratitude to your teachers for their support.

When interacting with peers, stay cautious to avoid unnecessary disputes. Try to address any misunderstandings through proper communication, so as to avoid situations that may affect your academic progress.

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If you belong to the Rooster zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



Full of ideas, you are an enthusiastic being who thrives on socialising. Beneath your outgoing personality lies a perfectionist who is shrewd and decisive. With excellent learning abilities, this is the time for you to further your studies or upskill. Take this year to strengthen your shortcomings and prepare for opportunities.

While you are at it, you must learn to better manage your mood swings, as you are easily influenced by emotions. Don’t let criticism from others affect your learning progress. To stay mentally healthy during exam time, take regular breaks, and practice self-care such as treating yourself to your favourite snack or engaging in physical activities.

If the accumulation of small tasks seems overwhelming, consider prioritising your tasks and sticking to it. You will be surprised by what you can achieve. This year, you may want to display the Pagoda of Wisdom facing East (90°) or the Wen Chang direction based on your Bazi to help you stay grounded in your pursuit of academic excellence.

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If you belong to the Dog zodiac…

2023 Learning: 100%



Bold and responsible, students belonging to the Dog zodiac tend to view the world in black and white. This year, you will find school life exciting and fulfilling as you achieve good grades and befriend like-minded peers. For those studying while working, your learning abilities are at an all-time high, so make good use of it by studying smart!

Instead of cramming, you can get better exam results with periodic review. This is done by reviewing your learnings regularly, so you can move the acquired knowledge from your short-term memory to long-term memory effortlessly. Another way to study smart is to avoid multitasking. Time to turn off your handphone’s notifications! Don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of each study session. 

Those belonging to the Dog zodiac can be a rather cautious bunch, and some of you may face many uncertainties as you ponder on your next course of study. Instead of feeling troubled over it, seek advice from your teachers and parents for greater clarity.

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If you belong to the Pig zodiac…

2023 Learning: 60%



Honest and hardworking, those who belong to the Pig zodiac can be very focused and will exercise self-discipline when they have a goal in mind. This year, frequent mood swings are likely to affect your study motivation, but don’t be despondent! With constant learning and improvement, you can overcome all hurdles to gain success.

For those who are preparing for the ‘O’ level examinations, you may encounter problems that make you feel exhausted. That said, learning from these experiences allows you to know how to handle such situations in future. You have the potential to do better, as long as you persevere.

If you find yourself to be more of a visual learner, it helps to watch video lessons, or to have a ‘change in scenery’. No matter where you are doing your revisions, be sure that your environment is conducive and free of clutter. 

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