Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 8th Nov – 6th Dec 2023


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Published: 31 Oct 2023

Things will go smoothly this month. That said, countries prone to flooding should take extra caution, especially Southeast Asia, where rainfall will be high. This is a good month for self-development. Consider attending courses of interest, where you may meet your next benefactor. Remember to remain humble and avoid being arrogant.


This is a smooth-sailing month. You will be promoted by your superior. Stay positive, and you shall perform well in your new role and work more efficiently. Those attached can consider getting married. Married people can add sparks to their relationship with the occasional surprise.


Those who are studying will get superb grades. You can achieve your goals if you continue working hard. Singles should attend more gatherings to make new friends. Pay extra attention to hygiene when dining out to avoid food poisoning.


You will achieve success if you work hard and persevere. Pay greater attention to your finances and avoid spending lavishly. Instead, save more or invest in your health. Doing activities such as yoga, swimming or dancing can help you to relax and stay fit.


Amidst flourishing wealth luck, you can expect a huge spike in income. Although your way of expressing love is to buy gifts for your loved ones, you must not splurge on them. Consider saving for a rainy day instead. Accumulated household chores make you feel lazy. To get motivated, start with the easiest chores first.


You have many dreams and ideas. Note them down and start taking concrete actions to make them come true. Remember to turn off the tap or lights when not in use to avoid wastage. Going on a family vacation during the school holidays allows you to relax and improve family relations.


Avoid travelling or staying out late this month. Be it driving or crossing the road, you must stay focused and adhere to traffic rules to prevent accidents. Constant challenges will affect your mood. Do not be afraid to share your problems as benefactors are around to help.


Doing more exercise can strengthen your body and keep your mind calm. Once you have set your goals, be decisive and trust your abilities. Good things happen to those who stay positive, and you will also find yourself more productive. You can expect good investment returns.


Seize good opportunities if you come across them. Do not be unnerved by others’ opinions, or you will lose your chance. Follow safety guidelines if you work in a high-risk environment. Handle all equipment carefully to avoid injuries. You can boost your immune system by exercising more.


Pay more attention to your diet this month as your body is weaker. You should avoid eating raw food that may easily cause stomach discomfort. To relieve stress and aches, try to relax by exercising more, listening to music or heading outdoors.


Instead of dwelling on past setbacks, you should maintain a positive attitude to face new challenges. Be careful of phone scams and stay alert if you receive calls from strangers. Never divulge any personal information. Always turn off the gas after cooking to avoid fire accidents.


You will make big improvements in your studies and achieve good grades with the help of your teachers. You can be a top student if you maintain a positive learning attitude. Too many opinions from others can cloud your mind. Write your thoughts down before planning your next step.


There may be problems in your relationship this month. Be nicer to your partner and refrain from speaking to him or her in a commanding manner to avoid unnecessary quarrels. You can mend your relationship by planning some romantic surprises. Remember not to drive after drinking.

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