Fengshui Tips for Individuals to Improve Career Luck

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Amid the pandemic, recession, and accelerated digitalisation in Singapore over the past year, work may seem tougher than before. Hang in there though, as the following fengshui tips can help you to improve career luck, and get you out of the rut that you’re currently in. 

Be it for the unemployed seeking work opportunities, the employed looking to be promoted or business owners who are keen to expand your business, here are some things that you should be looking into:


Your Bazi Chart

According to Master Mark Tan of Way Fengshui Group, the bazi chart is one of the most important things that individuals should look into when trying to improve your career situation. 

The bazi chart, also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, is defined by the date and hour of your birth. It reflects an individual’s preordained fate and divulges your innate personality, health condition, family ties and romantic relationships.

By understanding your bazi chart, you can make informed decisions based on your strengths and weaknesses. It can place you in the best job role and industry to maximise your potential in your career. You can also discover career opportunities through the analysis of your bazi chart.

Check out our free bazi tool here to create your bazi chart and get key information on your suitable professions, benefactors, etc. For an in-depth bazi life analysis, you may also want to speak to a professional fengshui practitioner


Your Luck Cycle

If the bazi chart is equivalent to a car, then the luck cycle is the route that it will take. Your luck cycle indicates your fortune – aka the ups and downs, revealing whether the road is a smooth or arduous journey.

Different phases in your career will require you to act differently, and it is important to understand the energies that come in at different periods. 

A luck cycle chart comprises 10-year luck, yearly luck, daily luck, where analysis can be made granular into bi-hourly luck. Paired with the bazi chart, individuals can strategise accordingly based on their unique luck cycle. 

The luck cycle chart is usually part of your bazi chart, but to begin with, you can also look into your Chinese Zodiac forecast, which gives you an indication of your yearly luck. 

2021 is a year with strong Earth and Metal elements ruled by the Six White Star, indicating a year filled with opportunities for money-making and career progression. This is especially so for those whose Zodiac sign belongs to the Monkey, Dog, Horse or Tiger. Don’t miss out our 2021 ProsperGraph for the complete 12 Zodiac forecast! 

Four Yearly Stars

Benefactor Stars

The people you meet in your life will, to a large extent, affect the choices you make. As such, you would want to meet more benefactors than unscrupulous people in your lives, especially when it comes to your career.

A benefactor comes in all forms, from all walks of life. All we have to do is to identify them and build relationships with them. Activating the Zheng Gui Ren (people you already know) and Pian Gui Ren (strangers brought together by chance) Benefactor Stars shall bring benefactors your way, lending you a hand in times of need.

Those belonging to the Zodiac signs of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Rooster, Dog, and Pig should consider activating the benefactor stars to enhance your overall luck in 2021. 

To do so, you may display a Dragon Head Tortoise emblem or portraits of your loved ones in the Northeast or South of your living room or office. Doing so can help to enhance your career luck and promote harmonious interpersonal relationships. 


Relationship Stars

The Relationship Stars have a direct influence on your romance and interpersonal relationships. For those who are attached, maintaining a healthy marriage or romantic relationship with your partner is extremely important, as it can otherwise affect your work performance.

In addition, having good interpersonal relationships at work can help you to focus wholly and work together on the organisation’s goals. You do not want to be distracted by conflicts brought on by backstabbers or uncooperative colleagues. 

The Pian Tao Hua Relationship Star along with One White Star can help to attract people who are beneficial to your development. 

Those whose Zodiac is of the Tiger, Snake, Horse, Monkey or Pig can consider activating the Relationship Stars to advance and maintain your social relations. You can do so by displaying a vase in the South of your house or bedroom.


Three Killing Star

This is a star that could lead to considerable inconveniences such as accidents, lawsuits, and arguments. To avoid misunderstandings between colleagues and potential work obstacles, you must not trigger the Three Killing Star. 

This year, the Three Killing Star resides in the East, alongside the Wealth Star. Avoid major renovation in the East, as this may affect your wealth luck (think shrunken bonus, pay cut or unexpected expenses!). To protect your family from accidents, don’t place sharp objects in the South. 


Grand Duke

When enraged, the Grand Duke is notorious for causing accidents and obstacles in one’s life. As such, you may want to offer your prayers at a temple for the sake of your personal safety – after all, how can you advance in your career without good health?

It is recommended to take your bazi into consideration before offering your prayers. Do consult a professional fengshui practitioner for a detailed bazi analysis to make the best of the situation. 

This year, the Grand Duke resides in the Northeast and noisy activities shall as renovation and groundbreaking ceremonies should be avoided here. In fact, it is best to observe inactivity in the Northeast.


Good office fengshui matters

In addition to the above mentioned fengshui tips, you may want to look further into your office fengshui, which has a direct influence on the different aspects of your life.