5 Office Fengshui Tips for Business Owners to Improve Luck


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Wondering how to fengshui your office or workplace? It is advisable for business owners to get professional fengshui advice right at the start. This means looking into the location of your business premises, setting up the office, placement of furniture and people, etc. 

When implemented correctly, fengshui can enhance luck, attract good opportunities and promote better health, productivity and harmony among the staff, contributing to a thriving business. 

Wondering how it’s done? Read on and let Master Mark Tan of Way Fengshui Group share with you some office fengshui tips!


Identify the wealth element 

According to Master Mark, there are three things that he looks out for when evaluating the fengshui of commercial properties or spaces. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the commercial space has the wealth element that business owners like you can activate. Doing so shall help you to be bolder, see opportunities clearer and be more ready for change. 

To activate the wealth element, we start with evaluating the business owner’s bazi prior to aligning the innate qualities of your business space with your personal wealth direction. 

However, if the wealth sector happens to be the toilet or a missing corner in your commercial space, you may easily encounter financial troubles and have a hard time making it big. There are fengshui remedies for this though, and it is best to consult a professional fengshui practitioner.


Pay attention to the front entrance

Be it a retail space, office unit or industrial workshop, do not underestimate the importance of the front entrance of your business premises. This area governs the quality of customers that you attract, which determines the sustainability of your business. A well-lit entrance with good lighting is always recommended.

Also, you want to ensure that there is a clear flow of energy without blockage (i.e. walls or staircase) and poison arrows (a.k.a. obstructions or harsh angles directed towards your premises). 

There are several fengshui remedies specific for businesses that suffer from poison arrows, and one of them is the use of the recommended colours for the sector where your front entrance resides. 


Take note of these sectors

The third thing that Master Mark pays attention to is the following sectors, namely Northeast, East and Northwest. Here’s why:  


Northeast sector

The Northeast is most auspicious in the fengshui Period 8. Associated with knowledge, wisdom and growth, this sector can improve clarity of thoughts and aid in making better decisions – hence the importance to business owners, not just in your office or retail space but also at home.


East sector

The East sector governs health, which would directly impact the motivation, morale and productivity of your employees. As employees are the key drivers to your business, this is one sector not to be overlooked. 

Business owners should avoid having the pantry or toilet in this sector. In general, you can consider displaying plenty of round or oval leafed plants, paintings of plants with wood frames or health-related emblems to boost positive energy and vitality in this sector.


Northwest sector

A sector that is associated with authority, management and brand leadership, the Northwest is important to business owners. With effective fengshui strategies aligned in this area, business strategies shall be well cascaded down to every level – ensuring everyone in the organisation is working in sync towards the company’s missions and goals. 

Represented by the metal element, you can enhance the innate qualities of the Northwest sector by incorporating metal elements such as displaying awards or credentials here using metal frames.


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