Fengshui Review: TOP Treasure at Tampines (D18)

Credits: Treasure at Tampines

Published: 30 October 2023



Strategically located in the matured estate of Tampines, Treasure at Tampines is a 99-year leasehold private condominium built upon the former site of Tampines Court, a privatised HUDC development.

Comprising 128 exciting facilities and 13 pools spread out on its sprawling grounds, this new luxury condo is Singapore’s largest condominium project (to date) and it has recently obtained TOP (temporary occupation permit).

Whether you are looking to invest or move into this freehold condominium in the East, don’t miss our fengshui review of Treasure at Tampines. Read on!


Treasure at Tampines: Landform fengshui  


Credits: Treasure at Tampines


Located at Tampines Street 11, Treasure at Tampines sits at the location of the former Tampines Court HUDC. From a fengshui perspective, Tampines is a land of “Talented Scholar and Ravishing Beauty”, an ideal residential area for those in the creative industry. As there is high potential of cultivating talent here, young families will benefit greatly from the auspicious energies of this formation.

Tampines is also situated near the head of the Eastern Dragon, a majestic creature capable of helping inhabitants within its land to soar to greater heights. As those who possess talent and beauty may develop an “arrogant exterior”, Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Fengshui Group shared that more efforts must be made to maintain harmonious relationships, for without that, a breakthrough will be difficult to achieve.

Homeowners should also take caution against illnesses. The seasonal northeast monsoon will cause temperature to fluctuate and people with poor constitutions are susceptible to catching a cold. As such, warm colours (i.e. red or cream) are recommended in interior design and decorations while cool colours (i.e. blue, green, etc) should be avoided. Growing more plants can help to dispense the cold too.


External fengshui considerations


As one’s external environment accounts for more than interior considerations, it is important to consider features of the surrounding space when selecting a new home.

Credits: Treasure at Tampines


Built upon the site of the former Tampines Court, Treasure Tampines is easily accessible via 5 MRT Stations that run along the East-West and Downtown Lines, and conveniently near to amenities such as shopping malls, clinics and hospitals and many primary schools within 1km (e.g.  Angsana Primary School, Chongzheng Primary School, etc.). This makes it suitable for families with school-going children. Young couples can consider building your family here.

Based on theoretical understanding, the core of fengshui is the analysis of the interaction between “feng” (wind direction and flow) and “shui” (actual water sources or roads). So you see, “water” is that important. Taking into consideration that the coming Period 9 (years 2024 – 2044) will be of strong Fire influence, the importance of having ‘Water’ is all the more important! Is it any coincidence that Treasure at Tampines happens to have 11 swimming pools in its premises?

On one hand, the blocks surrounding the facilities can aid in maximising the distance between facing blocks while protecting the privacy of users of the facilities. While this is good to reduce the risks of fengshui landform conflicts that could cause oppression, residents may still be subject to Sound Sha from human activities. Hence, those who prefer a quieter space may want to consider soundproofing solutions.

With Treasure at Tampines being a large project with 29 blocks of residential units, homeowners should keep a lookout for common obstructive landforms such as sharp corners of nearby buildings, T-junctions, expressways, etc.

For those residing in the outer stacks of Block 11 facing the secondary entrance (especially those on the lower storeys), you may be susceptible to light pollution (from headlights of oncoming cars at night) and Sound Sha from the traffic. Homeowners may consider installing sound-proof windows or curtains and blinds for a more conducive space.

Similarly, outer stacks from Block 37 to 57 that are facing the  Pan-island expressway (PIE) are likely to experience traffic noises. Homeowners may want to consider soundproofing solutions.

When in doubt, you may like to leave it to the professionals. Whether you are looking to invest in a resale unit at Treasure at Tampines or to create a harmonious environment in your new home, Way Fengshui is ever-ready to be of service.



Internal fengshui considerations


Did you know that the main orientation of a house will directly influence the overall luck of its residents? The house orientation refers to the facing of your house, which is typically measured from the main entrance (for this development) where qi flows in.

Tip: There’s a Luopan (fengshui compass) in the Way Almanac App! You can download our app for free to measure your home orientation.


Credits: Treasure at Tampines


Treasure at Tampines comprises 2,203 units across 29 blocks, at a height of 12 storeys. The luxury condo offers units between 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom across various configurations.

Based on fengshui analysis, North and South are the most auspicious directions in the upcoming Period 9 and Period 1 (years 2024 – 2063), followed by Northwest and Southeast. Residents of Treasure at Tampines can rejoice, as all units in this recently TOP condo are facing North or South, as shown in our Period 9 Auspicious Home Ranking chart below.



Homeowners should keep in mind there is no fixed lucky direction that caters to everyone.

From the site plan, it appears that the majority of units are directly facing one another. If your main door faces your neighbour’s main door, do display a round light in between the two doors, or hang a Super 5 Shield at the top of your door frame. From a home fengshui viewpoint, conflicting energies between both households may arise and affect harmony if two main entrances face each other directly.

As Period 9 corresponds with the South, representing a strong Fire element, it is good to ensure that your premises is balanced in energy, otherwise excessive Fire influence can result in anxiety and restlessness, which would in turn affect health and household harmony. Homeowners can consider incorporating a water feature to balance the Fire element with Water.

If in doubt, it is best to consult a professional fengshui practitioner for a suitable water feature position. It is critical to display your water feature in the right place, so as to avoid adverse impacts on health, wealth and relationships in the household.


Did you know?




Mirrors are often used to give the illusion of depth, thereby making the interior space look bigger than it actually is. However, there are some fengshui taboos that you should take note of if you’re thinking of installing mirrors in your living space.

  • Mirrors should be positioned to face internal walls. If your mirror faces the main door or window, they may reflect influences of the external environment, which can be negative to the well-being and emotions of household members. From the picture gallery of Treasure at Tampines, we can see that a mirror has been installed to face internal walls, which is a plus point!
  • Opt for plain mirrors instead of those with fancy patterns or mosaics. Fragmented patterns may give a sense of brokenness.
  • Avoid installing too many mirrors, as the multiple reflections and shadows may easily cause one to be in a trance, heightening stress and anxiety
  • Keep mirrors minimal and out of sight from the bed. Doing so can help to prevent friction between couples, as conflicts can occur with the presence of mirrors.

Remember, you should avoid having too many mirrors as it can disrupt harmony and happiness, especially in the coming Period 9, which represents a strong Fire element. As mentioned previously, do ensure that your premises is balanced in energy, otherwise excessive Fire influence can result in anxiety and restlessness, which would in turn affect health and household harmony. 

If you are planning to conduct home renovation to tap on the benefitting energies of Period 9, do get in touch for a fengshui consultation.


Welcome Period 9 with good home fengshui

As with most things in life, getting it right from the start will save you lots of effort. More than just the correct placement of furniture or avoiding certain colours, home fengshui looks into compatibility amongst the homeowners and your living spaces.

Treasure at Tampines sits on an auspicious land, and faces the most auspicious directions in Period 9. Coupled with the convenient location of the well-equipped condominium, it is indeed a recommended choice of various demographics, in particular families with school-going children. Homeowners are recommended to consult a fengshui master to ensure optimal home fengshui benefits, especially in the coming Period 9.  

Whether you are planning for long-term residence or investment, good fengshui can create a harmonic environment for you and your family, allowing all to flourish in the areas of happiness, career, academic, health and romance etc.

Way Fengshui Consultancy provides the ever-ready manpower and professional services that are sure to meet your feng shui needs. Learn more here