Employees Not Getting Along? Here’s What You Can Do


Employees make up the pillar to any company. Like a support column, they keep the company from collapsing on its own weight and ensure that the company will be able to function on a day-to-day basis. As such, many employers understand that it is vital for employees to do their part, much like cogs in a complex network of wheels.
However, employees are no mere cogs- neither in the literal nor figurative sense. We are living, breathing people, and we all have our needs and preferences. That being said, some employees will get along just fine with each other, while others will inevitably land themselves in conflicts with each other. So, what can you do to help your employees get along with each other?

1) Communication is Key

Conflicts arise mainly because of misunderstandings. Other reasons include conflicting working attitude and a general mismatch of personalities. Whatever the reasons, most issues can be resolved by talking things out. Encourage communication among your employees and be sure to intervene if you notice the conflict spiraling out of control.
Remember: this is a workplace, not a warzone. There is simply no need for the employees to “take sides”. Talk things out and be the mediator-if the situation does not improve, it is perhaps time to take more drastic measures.

2) Prevention is better than cure

Conflicts between employees are detrimental to the company, and it will be ideal for employers to prevent such conflicts from arising in the first place. That being said, this is where fengshui concepts will come in handy.
To prevent conflicts from happening, we should first work on the interpersonal relationships of the employees. You may consider placing emblems like Guardian of Prosperity in your office to help ward off negative energies and reduce the likelihood of conflicts. What’s more, the emblem is also capable of preventing wealth loss and promoting wealth gain in the long run.

3) Ventilate the office

Be sure to open all windows in your office and ventilate the place at least once a month if possible. Having a well ventilated office promotes the flow of “qi”, increasing the positive energy and removing the festering negativity in the office.
This will help improve the mood of everyone in the office, further reducing the possibility of conflicts occurring in the long run.

All in all, interpersonal relationship is a complicated issue. Like the wooden furniture in your house, the decaying of a pillar starts from within. There are a lot of improvements fengshui can do for your employees, so we would encourage you to reach out to a credible fengshui Master for professional and personalised advice. Nip the problem in the bud before the noxious flowers bloom.