Employees Falling Sick Often? Here’s How You Can Improve Their Health


Whether you are an employee or an employer, I believe we can all agree that taking too many sick days will not reflect well on a person. More often than not, your fellow employees will simply assume that you’re slacking off. On severe cases, your career progression might even be affected.
For a company to function at optimal efficiency, everyone will be required to do their part. As such, here are some fengshui tips you can employ to improve the health of your office personnel.


1) Black Obsidian Gourd

When crafted in the shape of a gourd, Black Obsidian is able to provide the following benefits:
-Eliminate fatigue & relieve tensions through quality sleep
-Dispel negative energies & stabilize magnetic field
-Calm mind & emotions
Position the Black Obsidian Gourd on your desk to receive its benefits! For maximum effectiveness, consider placing one on every occupied desk in the office.

2) Drink more water

This may sound clichéd, but drinking more water will in fact improve your health. Many people do not consume enough water, causing dehydration to be a common health concern these days. This is especially prominent when it comes to office workers, where a lack of exercise has tricked the brain into thinking that they do not need to drink water even though they are already dehydrated.
While this is not directly related to fengshui, it is definitely important in keeping your body healthy so do take note!


3) Petrified wood

For those who feel the need to amplify the effects of the Black Obsidian Gourd, you may make use of the positive effects of the petrified wood tassel. The petrified wood tassel can:
-Stabilise emotions & provides a sense of security
-Stimulate & revitalise; make each day meaningful
-Boost drive & enthusiasm; enhance leadership capabilities
Hanging the petrified wood tassel around your desk will allow you to receive its benefits. Consider placing one on every occupied desk for maximum effectiveness!

4) maintaining a balanced diet

When it comes to fengshui- too much of anything is never good as it will eventually upset the natural balance. Likewise, too much of any type of food is never good- even fruits and vegetables can cause health concerns when consumed in large quantities. At the end of the day, it’s all about achieving a healthy balance.


5) Essential oils

Essential oils were all the rage a couple of years back, and these overpriced little bottles are still popular among selected crowds these days. While essential oils will not cure your diabetes or cancer, they are still effective in relieving stress and improving your mood. Do give it a shot if you are getting stressed out by work.



Do remember that fengshui is no magic- the above mentioned methods will not cure your ailments overnight. If you are sick, be sure to approach a doctor and take your medicine as instructed. That being said, prevention is still better than cure- employing the above mentioned methods will help improve your bodily functions in the long run.