Coronavirus- Fengshui Tips and Measures You Should Take Against The Virus

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Despite the best efforts of medical personnel worldwide, the threat of Coronovirus yet grows. With the WHO announcing the Coronavirus to be a global health emergency, we should be vigilant and do our best to protect our loved ones from the virus.


Aside from following the guidelines provided by the WHO to ensure the safety of your loved ones, here are some Fengshui advice on how you can help keep your loved ones safe during this critical period.

1) Identifying the Southern Sector (S157.5° – 202.5°) of Your Home

The inauspicious Two Black Illness Star looms over the Southern sector this year, making it a priority for us to identify the southern sector in our house.


For the uninitiated, here’s a guide to help you identify the sectors of your house.

2) Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Southern Sector (S157.5° – 202.5°) of Your Home

Once you have successfully identified the southern sector of your home, it’s time for you to get to work! To minimise the negative effects of the Two Black Illness Star, you should ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the southern sector. While you are at it, you might want to consider conducting a post Lunar New Year Spring Cleaning!

3) Place Metallic objects at the Southern Sector (S157.5° – 202.5°) of Your Home

For further improvements to your health, you may also place some metallic objects at the southern sector of your home! Metallic ornaments and furniture with metallic frames are good examples of metallic objects! They can help dispel the residual negative energy in the area, so don’t be shy about placing more metallic objects!

4) Those Belonging to The Zodiac Signs of Monkey, Dog, and Pig

Do you belong to one of these three Zodiac signs? As health is the top concern of these Zodiac signs this year, you should do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Eat clean, exercise often, and take your vitamins! If you’re showing symptoms of illnesses, be sure to seek medical treatment immediately!

5) Those Staying in the Southern/Central Regions of Singapore

More than others, those of you staying in the Southern/Central regions should be wary of your health, for you are more susceptible to illnesses than others due to the Two Black Illness Star! Watch what you eat and try not to stay up late whenever possible!


Remember, health is wealth!  During special times like these, we should prioritise the health and happiness of your loved ones and be responsible as a citizen of the world.


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