How Much Do You Know About the Private Swimming Pool at Bright Hill?

bright hill fengshui

The small pool in the monastery and the nearby reservoir have helped Bright Hill to really shine!

The great wuxia novelist Jin Yong’s novels can be considered epic works, and among them The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is my favourite. Have you read it? In the story, Bright Summit, a holy land, is coloured with mystery and lore. It’s said that in ancient times, a colossal flood destroyed the earth. When the torrent subsided, on the peak of Bright Summit rested a treasure ship, the precious contents of which had rolled to the bottom of the hill. Because of this, Bright Summit has always been rumoured to be a “ship’s hill of treasure”. In that case, does Singapore’s Bright Hill also hold treasure? It’s not impossible, since that’s Bright Summit and this is Bright Hill; they have a “ship’s hill of treasure”, and we have the Venerable Hong Choon (grand ship).

bright-hill_five-dragons-mapSingapore has five “dragons”, and the body of the “Southern
dragon”runs along Sembawang, Yishun, past Ang Mo Kio, Thomson, Toa Payoh, Whampoa, all the way to Mount Emily and ending at the Istana. If we use Google Maps to look at the entire “Southern Dragon” body, Bright Hill sits at the very middle of this dragon and Phor Kark See Monastery is built on this small hill. Based on its overall form, it bears a striking resemblance to a “Buddha riding a dragon”. According to Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, Bright Hill Phor Kark See Monastery’s former abbot, Venerable Hong Choon once told him: “A Buddha who rides a dragon wants to rest at Bright Hill and be freed from rebirth”. The Venerable’s description seems to tally with Phor Kark See Monastery’s feng shuilayout.

With the “Buddha riding a dragon”, there should also be a “golden couple”present. Before we go on, you have to know that Bright Hill Phor Kark See Monastery’s landform is akin to a “peach of immortality”. Now, let’s put all the pieces together! The entire landform looks like a “golden couple” respectfully approaching the Buddha on his dragon to offer a “peach of immortality”. As such, the Bright Hill area’s feng shui environment is a golden couple offering a peach of immortality. Since we have seen the Buddha riding a dragon and the peach of immortality, where’s the “golden couple”?

Strict rules dictate that “temples and convent” must maintain a certain distance between them. Perhaps due to Singapore’s small size and Bright Hill’s geography, the Tse Tho Aum Temple is not far from Phor Kark See Monastery, thus forming the “Golden Boy (Phor Kark See Monastery) and Lady (Tse Tho Aum Temple) offering a peach of immortality” formation. How apt!

bright-hill2In feng shui studies, the formations of prosperous lands have many names. Apart from the name “golden couple offering a peach of immortality”. Bright Hill is also termed “lady offering a peach of immortality”, “deity offering a pearl” and even “twin dragons holding up a pearl”. A “pearl shines bright”, which probably explains the name “Bright Hill”!

A “pearl” land is similar to a “tortoise” land. Both are averse to large, nail-like structures and unevenly built buildings. Both also adore “water” and thrive in its presence. The monastery’s small pool and nearby reservoir have also allowed Bright Hill to shine!

Speaking of water, one can’t help but think of the private swimming pool in Phor Kark See Monastery. A minority feel that this swimming pool is exorbitant; however, monks also need to exercise and keep fit and public mixed-ender pools would be inconvenient for them. Having a private swimming pool on the temple grounds is understandable and really no big deal.

Bright Hill is a plot of fortune and has blessed people to culitvate it. You may not know this, but Phor Kark See Monaster’s second abbot, Venerable Hong Choon, is a feng shui master. Apart from the feng shui rumour of having a “bagua-shaped” Singapore dollar coin, it’s said that Phor Kark See Monastery’s layout was also planned according to “Flying Star” feng shui theories. Grand Master Tan revealed that the monastery utilizes a feng shui layout known as “Flying Star and Gates tactics”, which is a supplementary method based on different luck elements. If you are interested in feng shui or are curious about the prosperous aura of Bright Hill’s “peach of immortality”, you should go explore it!