Is MediaCorp Using “Feng Shui”?

mediacorp fengshui

Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? Is MediaCorp’s growth art or life?

Every time I hear the theme song to The Awakening, I can’t help but think of scenes of Huang Wenyong’s character He Ah Shui. Life is just like they say in songs: filled with unknowns and emotions, joys and sorrows, meetings and partings. Ever since Singapore’s broadcasting station was built in 1937, MediaCorp has called Caldecott Hill home, eventually building its headquarters and growing rapidly here. Now, in 2015, MediaCorp will say goodbye to Caldecott Hill and move its headquarters to Buona Vista’s Mediapolis at One North. What does the future hold for them after moving? Let’s investigate!

mediacorp_caldecottDid you know? MediaCorp’s current address at Caldecott Hill lies on the “Southern Dragon” or “Fire Dragon”, in a “white tiger land” which is a “wood” land. The most obvious feature of a “Tiger land” is that it has tall, stately trees and firm soil. If you have been to Caldecott Hill, I am sure you have noticed that the vegetation here is dense and imposing – it’s undoubtedly a “tiger land”.

“Tiger lands” are beneficial to medical development, and many of Singapore’s renowned medical institutions are located on “tiger land”: SGH, Duke-NUS GMS, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Paragon Medical Centre, to name a few. In addition, “tiger land” are good for literature and culture. MICA Building at Fort Canning Park is the best example of the artistic effects of a “tiger land”, since it belongs to a “tiger climbing uphill” feng shui formation.

MediaCorp is located on “tiger land”, which obviously impacts cultural development. No wonder MediaCorp, which used to belong to the Singapore Cultural Division, was located at Caldecott Hill and constantly pushed the development of arts and culture. This feng shui treasure is a “tiger land” and “wood land” that sits on the “”Fire Dragon”, and benefits industries belonging to the “wood” and “fire” elements. Those working in the “fire” or “wood” occupations should live here. MediaCorp belongs to a “fire” industry, so of course it has been doing well.

mediacorpMediaCorp’s “white tiger land” is a tiger going down the mountain to hunt for food. A tiger going downhill is extremely hungry and fearsome. Businesses in this area must run it like “a wind sweeping falling leaves” in order to enjoy the pros of this feng shui environment. Perhaps they took the advice of some sage, but MediaCorp’s management was bold and forceful in its developing its media business, gaining regional and global standing in just a few years. Even when the government attempted to restructure Singapore’s television industry, it trashed SPH MediaWorks and eventually acquired “Channel U”.

It’s reported that after MediaCorp’s move, the land on which Caldecott Broadcasting Centre sits will be auctioned off for real estate development. If so, what should developers or potential residents here take note of?

You must know this: a “tiger going down hill” is a vicious and highly aggressive tiger that’s spoiling for a fight. For residents, long-term influence of such a feng shui environment can result in extreme stress and weakened will. Hence, developers of this area should strive to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for residents, so that they can benefit from the positive aspects of the feng shui environment.
In the near future MediaCorp headquarters will move, and different people have different interpretations of the new headquarters. Some say the new building resembles a Songkok; others even went as far as to associate the design with the MediaCorp chairman’s religion!

mediacorp2_bvOf course, there are those that think this new headquarters building looks like a “giant ship” sailing forth. The resemblance is there – the front of the building is like a ship’s bow. This seems to suggest a spirit of steadfastness and determination to overcome all obstacles in one’s way. From a business perspective, this spirit is admirable; however, from a feng shui perspective, such a keen-edged design is quite destructive with strong negative qi that will adversely affect neighbouring buildings. Some observers also feel the building looks like a large knife, an iron, a shark…what do you think? Here’s something interesting: the front of the new MediaCorp headquarters happens to point straight at its competitor’s offices! Whether this was coincidental or deliberate, we just hope there won’t be a “feng shui battle” here.

One last thing I want to share in greater detail is that MediaCorp’s new headquarters is built on a soaring “eagle land”. While the “tiger” was ferocious, this “eagle” needs to fly, which means that the management should plan for development on an international level and broaden its business with more foreign artistes in order to soar further to greater heights. We should also note that the new MediaCorp headquarters faces East/West, which is disadvantageous to the eighth feng shui luck cycle (years 2004 – 2023). Hence, the building’s interior feng shui layout as well as the company’s policies should be carefully designed so that the ship is “steered in the right direction”. No matter what, we wish MediaCorp the best of business.