Bedroom Fengshui: 15 Useful Tips From Fengshui Masters

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This article was written and first published by Shopee as 15 Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom To Optimise Your Sanctuary.


The bedroom is a sanctuary – the place where you return to after a long day out, where you can nua, recharge, and sign off to the land of your dreams. That’s why it is important that your sacred place is thoughtfully designed so that you can enjoy peace and calm. One way to bring about this is to consider the fengshui for your bedroom. Hence, we’ve consulted fengshui masters in Singapore with a wealth of experience to share their insights. From the position of your bed, colour scheme, to room decor, here are some useful feng shui tips to consider when renovating your bedroom!

How does applying fengshui tips for your bedroom help?

Fengshui is not a superstition, but the ancient Chinese art of placement that can benefit anyone. In fact, it is a very practical way of creating a comfortable living space. According to architect Mr Cliff Tan of Dear Modern, his overseas clients who have never heard of fengshui agreed that it helped spaces feel more balanced. If you’re still wondering whether to apply fengshui tips for your bedroom, here are some reasons why you should.

  • Creates an oasis of calm

The most important piece of advice from Mr Cliff Tan when renovating a bedroom is to turn it into an oasis of calm. Fengshui relies on sense and psychology, and helps to make spaces more pleasant to their users. Feeling good in your space will help you to perform better and in turn, good things will follow!

  • Establishes harmony and balance 

Master Mark Tan of Way Fengshui Group shared that fengshui is about manipulating energy to bring harmony and balance to your environment. Selecting a good location and position for your bed and furniture helps to balance out energies, which can be beneficial to your relationships as well. With the right balance, it will also be easier to keep your room tidy and free of clutter!


Fengshui tips for the bedroom – how to position your bed?

1. Lean the bed against a solid wall for a sense of support

With the sheer amount of time we spend in bed, it’s worth putting in extra thought into how to best position it in the bedroom for the best fengshui. Quoting Mr Cliff Tan, “The bed is the most important piece of furniture, and it represents you”. As such, the bed should be supported against a wall. Master Mark Tan shares the same fengshui tip, and explains that placing your bed against a solid wall in your bedroom provides a feeling of support and protection.


2. Position your bed diagonally from the door

When it comes to how to position your bed for fengshui, you should always consider this tip in relation to your bedroom door placement. According to both Master Mark Tan and Mr Cliff Tan, the bed should never be pointed with its feet towards the door. This is known as the “coffin position”, which can drain your energy if you sleep in it.

Another important fengshui tip to remember is that your door should not be parallel to any part of the bed. Master Tan explains that this helps to prevent energy from flowing to your bed too quickly, which can be unsettling and disruptive to your sleep. Therefore, a good rule of thumb for this fengshui tip is to place the bed diagonally from the bedroom door.


3. Do not sleep with an aircon or beam directly above your head

Master Tan advises against placing the air-conditioner directly above the bed. This fengshui tip for your bedroom is a practical one, as being directly exposed to cold air can give rise to health problems and even affect your mood. In fact, you should avoid positioning your bed under a beam, as it can create a feeling of pressure on your head and body.


4. Maintain balance and equality with space on each side

Looking for love? Then this fengshui tip for bed position is for you! Mr Cliff Tan recommends placing your bed such that there is space on both sides. This represents balance and is good for the relationship aspect of your life. If your bed is placed squarely in the corner of the bedroom with only space on one side, the balance is disrupted and may affect your romantic relationships.

With space on both sides, you can place a nightstand or bedside table on each side of the bed, according to both Mr Cliff Tan and Master Mark Tan. This also helps establish balance and equality, which enhances harmony and relationship with your partner. Mr Cliff Tan shares that bedside tables are often forgotten, but in fact very important. They can amp up the support that you’ll feel and offer great utility too! You can use them to store things you need at arm’s reach, such as skincare products, so that you can apply them before bed. Place the bedside tables right beside the bed and ensure that they are not taller than the bed’s surface to prevent injury.



Fengshui tips for the bedroom – how to optimse furniture layout?

5. Keep mirrors minimal and out of sight from the bed

The bedroom is where you get ready to head out, which is why mirrors are essential for checking out your #OOTD and makeup. According to Mr Cliff Tan, mirrors are portals for energy to enter and exit. Therefore, you have to place them carefully. They should be out of sight from where you’re sleeping. Master Mark Tan explains that this fengshui tip for mirrors in the bedroom helps to prevent friction between couples, as conflicts can occur with the presence of mirrors. As such, you should also avoid having too many mirrors as it can disrupt harmony and happiness.


6. Avoid ceiling fans in the bedroom

The ceiling fan is no doubt a nifty home appliance that helps to keep you cool without blowing up electricity bills. However, Mr Cliff Tan advises keeping them out of the bedroom, or at least away from your head. This is because sharp objects should be avoided, as they can lead to conflict. According to this feng shui tip for the bedroom, you should get a standing fan instead of overhead options!


7. Place your wardrobe on the left side of your bed

Master Mark Tan shares that it is best to position wardrobes on the left side of your bed. The reason behind this tip for bedrooms is wardrobes represent the yang energy. In fengshui, the left side represents yang and the right is yin. Therefore, this placement helps to strike the right balance for unrestricted energy flow. If your wardrobe has a mirror, keep it away from facing doors and windows as they can reflect bad energies. To mitigate this, you can hang curtains over them.



Fengshui tips for the bedroom – what colours and decor to choose?

8. Go for neutral, earthy tones to maintain calmness

According to Mr Cliff Tan, fengshui is about matching the mood of a specific space. For those who want to create calm and balance in their bedroom, he recommends choosing earthy tones. If you are looking for love, pinkish and rosy hues would work better. Ultimately, Mr Tan believes that it is about choosing colours that make you feel happy, but are not overly stimulating. After all, the bedroom is a place for you to rest and recharge. Master Tan also recommends going for neutral colours like off-white, creams and browns to avoid overstimulating the energy when you are sleeping. You can even go for colours that are suited to your bazi, a calculator derived from your birth date and time. Reach out to a fengshui master to find out more about this!


9. Add vibrancy with green plants

If you have green fingers, you’ll love this fengshui tip for the bedroom! Master Tan encourages adding living green plants into your room to add vibrant energy. This is because plants invite restorative energy and growth in all areas of your life. One thing to note – choose an indoor plant that works with the amount of natural light available in your room.

Pro Tip: Avoid placing cacti or other sharp plants in the bedroom as they may lead to unnecessary conflicts. See tip #14 for more information! Artificial plants should also be avoided, as they do not bring any life to your living space.


10. Influence energy in the bedroom with art pieces

Besides using plants, another fengshui tip from Master Tan is to decorate your bedroom with art. This is an easy way to enhance the positive energy in your home whilst adding personality and beauty to a space. He recommends choosing art that reflects fengshui elements that are favourable for you to influence the energy of your bedroom. For instance, water represents prosperity and wood symbolises growth. On the other hand, fire represents passion, earth represents stability, and metal represents clarity and precision.


11. Create a calm atmosphere with table lamps

To create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom, Mr Cliff Tan recommends ensuring that the lighting is subdued and soft. In accordance with this fengshui tip, he recommends going for table lamps with shades. If you love pastel colours, get this Scandinavian Table Lamp (available on Urban Mood) that pays homage to the beauty of French macaron sweets with its pastel shades of blue, pink, and green! It comes with three colour temperatures including warm, cool, and daylight. We reckon it’ll come in handy for bedtime reading with your Kindle!


12. Promote love with Mandarin ducks

If you’re looking for more home decor to spruce up your bedroom, here’s one that’s in line with feng shui tips for your bedroom! As the bedroom is a place for calm and love, Mr Tan recommends promoting love by having pairs of things. One example he gives is Mandarin ducks – the symbol of eternal love. You can also get pairs of plush toys, or anything that reminds you of the joys of companionship.



Fengshui tips for the bedroom – things to avoid

13. Do not position the bedroom door directly opposite the toilet

When it comes to bedroom layout for fengshui, one tip from Master Mark Tan is to avoid having the bedroom door face the toilet door. When the two doors face each other, it is believed that there will be a loss of wealth. In addition, stale air from the toilet may enter the room. This can give rise to illnesses due to its negative energy, which is why it is important to be careful with the bedroom layout to optimise fengshui.


14. Keep sharp objects out of the bedroom

According to both Mr Cliff Tan and Master Mark Tan, sharp objects should be avoided in the bedroom. This includes knives, weapons, cacti, or other sharp plants. They represent hostile energy, and can lead to conflicts between couples or even negatively impact their health. That said, there are objects like scissors that might be needed in the bedroom – just remember to keep them out of plain sight in a cabinet or drawer!


15. Leave electronics outside your bedroom

This might be a hard one, given how quintessential electronics are in our lives today. However, both Mr Cliff Tan and Master Mark Tan advise against having electronic devices in your room – and yes, not just your television and laptop, but even your mobile phones. This is because they can disrupt the magnetic field within your bedroom, which can affect your sleep quality. That said, if you want to have a television in your room, Master Tan recommends placing it in an armoire or covering it with a cloth when not in use.