Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 4th Feb – 5th Mar 2023


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With the Eight White Star, learn to control your emotions this month. Although you may have earned a significant fortune in the first half of this month, you should remain cautious as unexpected incidents may negatively impact the stock market later on. Southeast Asia and South Asia should guard against natural disasters and strive for harmony to maintain good diplomatic ties with other countries. This month, be content with what you have.



The New Year marks a fresh start. You can look forward to great career progress with help from benefactors. Start setting your goals and plan ahead! This is also a great time to gather with family and friends to strengthen your relations and widen your network.



The Lunar New Year is great for gatherings. Putting more effort into your appearance can boost your confidence and improve your mood. Do not hesitate to say auspicious greetings or pay compliments during house visits. You should never talk behind others’ backs.



There is no lack of gatherings and good food during the Lunar New Year. Control your diet to avoid gastrointestinal problems. You should also kick the bad habit of staying up late, as that will affect your liver. Remember, good health is the key to a better life.



With your good fortune and happy mood, you will be surrounded by benefactors. Indulging in leisure gambling during the Lunar New Year is fine, but gambling addiction and greed can lead to money woes. Remember to put away sharp kitchen tools after use to avoid unnecessary accidents.



You are full of energy and highly efficient in this New Year. Benefactors will aid you in your career. Seize the opportunity to invest overseas or head there for self-development. Consider creating a shopping list for the Lunar New Year to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.



You will incur higher expenses in the festive season. Avoid arguing with your partner over money or small matters. If you face cash flow problems, discuss your budget and ways to earn additional income. Remember, communication is the key to resolving problems.



This festive season is a great time for family gatherings. Take the chance to share your new plans or prospects during the happy occasion. When going house visiting, remember to keep your mask on and sanitise your hands to avoid infection.



Put your creativity to good use by decorating for the Lunar New Year and creating a new look for your home. Amidst this festive season, you must remember that gambling is a leisure activity and not a source of income. Getting addicted will make you incur significant losses.



Do not disclose information about valuables at home, otherwise you may easily suffer losses. This festive season, you should look after your health and avoid bingeing on New Year goodies, as overeating will lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. It’s best to consume food with less salt and oil.



Don’t get addicted to gambling during the New Year. Nothing in life is free, and neither will you get rich from gambling. You often get distracted and doze off at work. To improve your productivity and health, you should reduce your screen time at night and eat more nutritious foods.



With excellent luck this month, you shall make a great career achievement and enjoy good investment returns. Seize good opportunities that come your way. To avoid major losses, do your due diligence and think carefully before making any decisions. Always know what you are getting yourself into.



You can make your dreams come true with a positive attitude. This month, plan your goals and create your action plans for the year before sprinting ahead. If you have not made a career plan, consider upskilling or reskilling to boost your capabilities and widen your career options.


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